Envelope Budget

I have multiple questions:

  • How can I remove accounts from the budget/transactions?
  • What is the purpose of the Groups vs the Categories? I don’t feel like I have them set up correctly

I’ll let someone else weigh-in on how to remove the accounts. I can tell you how I use Groups and Categories.

One easy way to think about it is that a Group (as the name implies) is a collection of Categories.

Here are examples of mine:

Group: Auto
Categories: Car Payment, License Plates, Parking, Gas, Insurance, Maintenance

Group: Utilities
Categories: Electric, Natural Gas, Internet, Refuse, Alarm Monitoring

Group: Health
Categories: Doctor, Vision, Pharmacy, Misc Health

Group: Pets
Categories: Veterinary, Food & Supplies

I also have some for income:
Group: Income
Categories: Paycheck #1, Paycheck #2, Misc. Non-Taxable, Consulting, Credit Card Rewards, Interest

You get the picture. Hope this helps.

I totally understand that, but when I’m on the transaction page it doesn’t let me select a group. So I guess my question is where can I see a breakdown of group expenses?

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@brewer.05 You can try the category tracker… this is a rollup of transactions within a specific category… not exactly group. The Monthly Budget tab is organized in groups and then categories.

Perhaps this is a good candidate for a feature request. You can add it here.


Here is an article on removing accounts connected to Tiller.

When you’re on the Transactions sheet, just pick a category. The category’s group is implied and will be reported on dashboards. You should see category-group rollups on the envelope budget dashboard. Make sense, @bgallagher31?

Can you clarify what you mean by removing “accounts” from the budget/transactions, @bgallagher31?