Envelope Dashboard Performing Incredibly Slowly

The Monthly Budget Dashboard (with rollovers) is being incredibly slow. Making a category adjustment takes 30+ seconds. It’s been multiple minutes since I changed the month dropdown and the period dropdown hasn’t updated, much less the rest of the dashboard. The dashboard shows as version 2.0.2 and I’ve tested in both Chrome and Edge.

Hi @jonathan,
Take a look at this thread regarding speeding up a google sheet:

I think you might have a sheet with many unused rows. To identify that, try the Size My Sheet Add-on mentioned in that thread.



The Tiller Budget (with Rollovers) is notoriously slow. The complex and advanced scripts and formulas working in the background that make the template so powerful and dynamic cause dramatic performance issues after a while.

We do not have any plans to fix or improve performance of this template at this time, being that it’s a Tiller Labs template now.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Weird, I didn’t get any reply notifications for this.

Whatever was going on seems to have at least mostly resolved. It’s back down to the 3-5 second range when I change the period drop down when before it was 30+. The former is acceptable and expected, the latter was ridiculous. It was probably a Google Sheets backend change or something since that and Tiller were the only common denominators when I was testing things.

Mine has been very, very slow as well. I’m considering switching back to the Foundation Template to address the speed issue. Is there a way to convert back to it?

If you wish to continue with rollover budgeting, please consider the new Savings Budget which is an updated, more-performant envelope budget. (I just switched to it personally.)

There is a migration path (in the wiki documentation) from the Envelope Budget but it is somewhat manual.