Error: Double categories in Monthly Budget tab - How do I remove the double categories?

How do I delete the double entry on my monthly budget?

I create categories and groups in the “Categories” tab. Then, the categories tab populates the budget set-up in the “Monthly Tab.”

I have double categories in the Monthly Budget. I have a single entry for the category in the Categories tab. I checked the next few months forward, and the Monthly Budget has a single category.

The double category is giving the budget monthly calculation error.

How do I get rid of double categories in the monthly report?

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You might want to try the steps in this guide

Even if it’s not showing as “obsolete” I think these steps should help.


I figured out what went wrong.

It is case-sensitive.

I had a category, “Life”. The double category was “Life” and “LIfe” I overlooked the capitalized “I” in “life”.

I went over the category sheet and didn’t see any of “LIfe”. I went into the transaction and located “LIfe” and manually edit it to “Life”.

The sheet is fixed and updated showing a single entry of a category in the monthly budget sheet.

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