Error: Exception: The data validation rule argument "=Statements!$N$3:$N" is invalid

I’ve been using Tiller Money for Google Sheets for the past year. Recently, my Statements tab somehow got corrupted. Accounts that were balanced became unbalanced. I figured I had changed some formula by mistake. So I deleted “statements” and then re-installed it. Bad idea, because now “fill sheets” stopped working. I thought I could fix this by deleting all my 2022 statements–they all had red arrows indicating some problem, and after all, they had already been balanced. But I still can’t fill sheets! The solution mentioned deleting Column G. I don’t want to do that because I already balanced several accounts in 2023 and I don’t want to lose all that work.I also like to be able to reconcile my accounts. Help!

A few ideas…

  1. Have you considered reverting your spreadsheet to just before you deleted the Statements template? This is really easy using the built-in Version History features.
  2. It sounds like somehow the feeds fill is tripping on the broken data validation in your Transactions/Statements column. You should be able to select the whole column, navigate to the data validation menu, and remove the data validation. This will not remove the data you entered… it will just remove the restriction that entered values must match the broken validation. My guess is that feeds will run again once the data validation is removed.

The first solution is better if you can pull it off. It will take some time and attention to rewire those Statements if you go the second route.

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