Error when trying to Reallocate Current Period

When I go to Add-ons -> Tiller -> Budget -> Reallocate Current Period, I get the following error:
“Reallocate Current Budget - error”
“Could not find budget period in ‘Budgets History’.”
The only option is to Click “Ok”.

I’m launching this while in the M02 Monthly Budget Dashboard.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Scott.t,

Sorry for the delay here. If you open the Budgets History sheet do you see lines for M02 on the Budgets History sheet that correspond to the period you’re trying to reallocate (which in this case should be April (though it was probably March) when you were doing this. If there are no lines for March/April then you will need to create these.

Also, it only reallocates the current period, meaning April now.


In Budgets History, in the M02 area, I have a Section for Actual, Rollover, and Rollover Mods for the current period 3/27/2020 - 4/25/2020. The Dates are correct for what we call I call the April budget, but which Tiller calls the March budget.

As of 4/6, that’s the current period. And my read is that’s also the current period as of 3/27 when I originally submitted.

I’m still getting the same error.

If it helps, I’d actually like to delete the M01 budget, leaving me with just M02 and M03.

Hi @Scott.t, just wanted to follow up here for others benefit if they’re also seeing this issue. I believe the fix was to adjust the start/end dates in the Budgets History for your periods because they were mismatched in some way and to NOT use the reallocate current period?

Unfortunately I’m coming back to this after so long, I don’t recall what the exact solution we came up with was. But we DID resolve it!

I will also note that deleting the extra M01 budget I no longer wanted helped speed up the spreadsheet for the remaining M02 and M03 budgets.