Estimated Quarterly Tax Sheet — Include W2 Expected Salary in Calculation

I recently discovered the “Estimated Quarterly Tax Sheet” add-on. Looks great!

In my use case, my self employment (Schedule C) income mostly as a side gig (not my only income). I have full time employment as does my spouse. So the bulk of our joint tax owed is already withheld; however, I do pay additional estimated taxes to account for the additional self employment income (which varies a lot for us quarter by quarter).

My question is: is there a way to tell the calculator to start with the assumption that we have a base income that will affect our tax brackets? It seems like the calculator is assuming that the self-employment income is our only income when in fact it’s kind of being added on top of what we are already earning. For example, I would want it to start with a base expectation we are earning … say … $90k as a family and then calculate the bracket based on that.

Is there any way to get the template to behave this way as well?

Welcome @damontimm :wave:

I think your tax situation is too complex to trust the results of the Estimated Quarterly Tax sheet. It’s intended for single filers with their self employment income being their sole source of income.

Sorry for any inconvenience on that.

Thanks for your reply!

That’s all right … I was trying to figure out if there was a way I could hack in and just start the tax bracket calculation further up the chart.

Appreciate your time. Thanks.