Estimated Tax Sheet - Income Does Not Match Transactions

I have my business income tagged as “Business” in my Categories sheet, and no other income is tagged as business. However, if I go to my transactions and filter by the business income category, the sum total of all of those transactions is less than what is listed as my YTD income in the Estimated Quarterly Taxes sheet. I thought this income was based solely on income transactions tagged as Business on the categories sheet, so I don’t understand what is happening.

Hi @lexifer,
Yes, in the Quarterly Estimated Tax sheet, the Business Income should be based solely on the Income Transactions that are in an Income Category where the “Tags” column in the Categories sheet is set to “Business”. It sounds like you have that setup properly.

I have a few questions in order to try and help you resolve this.

Are you comparing the same time periods when you compare the Transactions sheet to the Estimated Quarterly Tax sheet?

What shows up starting in Row 51 of the Est Quarterly Tax sheet? Does that Detail view of the Business Income Categories give you any insight into why the numbers don’t match?

Let us know,

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