Excel foundation - Show cash only from brokerage account

Hi, I’m new to Tiller.
I’m using Excel
I have some accounts linked and feeding the foundation spreadsheet.
One of the accounts is a brokerage account (UBS) that has stocks and cash. I’m interested in tracking only the cash portion of the account. Is there a way of ‘hiding’ the stocks from from calculations, spending trends, balances, etc.?


One option is to create a “stocks” type category and mark it hide. Use this category for everything you want to hide. Hopefully, there are some autocat rules you can create to automatically assign that category for new transactions. You would need to delete Balance History sheet lines you don’t want though.

Another option is to delete lines from the Transactions and Balance History sheets you don’t want. That might be more effort, but then your data size is reduced which helps performance.

Another option would be to unlink that account and create a manual account instead for the cash portion. Depending on how much activity the account has, this might make more sense. This would also have the same reduced data size, performance benefit.

Thank you.
I did find a hidden tab, Balance History. The balance cell’s value is the account’s total value (stocks + cash). could I change that cell to the cash value?
I guess I should not change the values (the sheet was hidden :slight_smile: ). Will that value be overwritten on the next sync?
I think I may have to find a way of doing this manually…

Yes, would just need to consistently do that so it’s always the cash value.

No, once the data has been downloaded, it won’t change. New fills add data that has not already been downloaded.

Yeah, a Manual Account might make sense, that way you won’t feel like you’re trying to patch/undo/hide the unwanted data all the time and possibly missing something. CSV import could help with the transactions. Also, the Add Manual Transaction tool has an “update balance” option, which could help keeping the balance updated.