Excel takes several minutes to open

When I open the Excel Foundation Spreadsheet it takes several minutes before opening completes and I can start using the spreadsheet. Is that to be expected? Ir running on Excel on MAC i7/32G Sonoma 14.5

Hi @pat.brooks6 thanks for your post here. We’re experiencing some issues with Excel on Mac due to their latest update. If you’re running version 16.85 we recommend upgrading using the beta channel to get the latest version that corrects some of these issues.

Thank you for the information. The update (16.87) did not make a difference that I could tell.
The load jumps to about 1/2 way. The Excel process shows “not responding” until the spreadsheet finishes opening (same behavior before the update). I have 2166 rows in the transaction worksheet.

Do you have any custom worksheets (complex dashboards you’ve built or installed) that are not the Foundation Template sheets?

Yes, I created named ranges on some of the Tiller fields and reference the names in a worksheet I added to the foundation spreadsheet.

Hi @pat.brooks6 - that could be why your workbook is running slowly. You may want to try a fresh Foundation Template and see if that has the same issue and if not then consider modifying your spreadsheet to reduce the complexity to improve performance.

Thank you for the feedback!

Patrick Brooks