Excel Workbook crashes after Microsoft update

As posted 2 weeks ago by another user (post now closed by Tiller, therefore this new thread), the Tiller workbook crashes before fully loading since a Microsoft update. It is a Microsoft Excel issue, not related with the Tiller web add-in. The safe mode crashes as well.

It may help some of you to know that the copy of the workbook on Microsoft’s cloud OneDrive with Excel Online (requires Microsoft 365 subscription) works well. The issue resides in the local instance of Excel. The online option can help you coping with the current issue.

Note: If a copy of the on-line file is stripped from all worksheets but the essential Accounts, Transactions, Balances, Categories and Autocat before downloading, this local workbook opens and Tiller’s web add-in works as expected. That suggests an Excel function used in the workbook is incompatible with the latest Excel update and the bug likely impacts many users outside the Tiller community.

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MacOS user here. I used these steps in this Microsoft Community post to revert to the previous version, Excel Crashing.

One of the later posts implies the issue is related to the REDUCE function.


Thank you @darren this was very helpful.

One culprit is the Debt Payoff Planner sheet. When this sheet is removed from the workbook with Excel online, the cleaned workbook can be downloaded and used in Excel desktop. No crash and back in business. :smiley:


Thank you! Removing the Dept Payoff Planner made the spreadsheet work again in desktop Excel.

Tiller really should have told us this rather than just shrugging and saying “it’s up to Microsoft to fix this”. Clearly it’s up to Tiller to make their spreadsheet work with Excel as Microsoft releases it. Microsoft is not going to answer to Tiller.

This was great. Now maybe Tiller will get it back in working order.

Appreciate you sharing the fix.