Existing manual sheet (greater than 5 years of data) -- transaction feed questions

Where should I ask these?

I have five years of transactions updated through 12/31/20. How do I set up the transaction tab so only new transactions are pulled?

Any other advice for someone wiring up an existing sheet?



Others may have ideas but this is what I would do based on what I know.

Create a new Tiller foundations sheet and get all of your accounts linked up like normal.

Next, bring over into the new Tiller sheet the five years of data from your other sheet. Tiller has tools that may assist with this task. I always bring outside data in manually so I know what is happening and that it gets done right. None of the tools ever accomplish everything I need to do.


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Thanks! This worked well.

Glad you’re up and running, @ken.barker.

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@ken.barker When bringing your data into Tiller, how did you bring it in? Did you have to make sure that it was set up in the same column order ? I have a similar issue, and am kind of new at all this, so don’t assume I know something which may be obvious - thanks!

@debgomez3000 I had an existing gSheet with a Transactions tab already in place. First I named a version so I could get back to a good working version. I then took a Tiller Foundation Template and compared column headers. I added a couple columns from my existing sheet to the Transactions tab in the template. Final step before copying data was to rearrange the fields in my Transactions tab to match the columns in the foundation template Transactions tab.

Then, I resorted to newest first and copied over my data. I had to remove some duplicates, but that is easy to do either manually or with the Labs tool, “Manage duplicates”.


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You’ll definitely need to manually map columns for imported data. Sometimes you might even need to create equation driven values (e.g. if the data source has separate Income and Expense value columns instead of a single Amount column as does the Transactions sheet).

I recommend importing your existing data as a CSV into a new sheet in your linked Tiller Money spreadsheet. From there, you can slide around your columns (including adding filler columns as needed) to match the Transactions sheet column order. You can add formulas (e.g. to invert polarity) or static Notes (e.g. “Manual import on March 30, 2021”). Once you have it all lined up, paste into the bottom of the Transactions sheet, the sort. That’s it.

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