Exporting for a Financial Advisor

Just started working with a new financial advisor, and wanted to find a straight forward way to export my budget template so they can see what I am working with, categorizing etc. Has anyone found a helpful way to do this?

This may not be the answer you’re looking for, @jdjackson, but I just share the whole spreadsheet with my tax and financial advisor. They have been impressed with the integration and thoroughness and usually don’t need any hand holding to get the answers they need.

Alternatively, you could create a copy and strip out anything you didn’t feel was shareable. You might want to convert most of the sheets to values before sharing as stripping away support sheets may break sheets that you want filled for your advisor.

@randy Thank you! This was what I was thinking would be the most impactful solution, so I will take your lead. The integrations are good and are self-explanatory!



Let me know how it goes, @jdjackson.

On a related note, I made that Budget Builder sheet for myself and it is pretty inscrutable. I was surprised a few days ago to get a call from my financial advisor with some really detailed questions about how line items were mapping from that sheet into my budgets (and from there to our financial plan). I was impressed that they had gone so deep unsolicited. I know how it works because I built it but I guess the professionals are wired to understand this stuff intuitively.

@randy absolutely!

RE: the Budget Builder sheet, is that available in the community add-ons at all? Would love to take it for a whirl!

Yes. You can get the Budget Builder in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on. It’s perfect for me but not super intuitive for everyone.