Exporting personal sheet as a template?

I have a friend who has a pretty well put-together personalized sheet for Tiller Money. He wanted to share it with me without exposing his transactions and account information. Is there any way for him to export his personal sheet AS a template?

I was considering the idea of just copying his “dashboard” Worksheet to a new Spreadsheet (which then loses its references) and then trying to copy it into my Spreadsheet from there.

Is there a more standardized way to do this?


I haven’t tried it, but I think the “Sheet Sanitizer” is designed for this. If you load the “Tiller Money Labs” Add-On, go to “Tools” then “Utilities” and you’ll find it there.


As @jpfieber suggests, @lauren_knows, the Sheet Sanitizer sounds like the tool for the job. For spreadsheets that adhere roughly to the Tiller Money data conventions, it will remove transaction & account information (and also abstract income & expense magnitudes).

Let us know if it works for you or if you have any questions.

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Another easy way is for him to make a copy of his personal sheet. Clear all the Transactions and Balance History data then make another copy of that one (so the version history doesn’t expose his edits with data in them…) and then just share that blank copy with you that you can then just launch Tiller Money Feeds in and have it feed in your data :wink:

He could make the 2nd copy view only to have a template and then you’d just make a copy of his template and run Tiller Money Feeds in that.

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