Fidelity account balances incorrect

I have multiple Fidelity investment accounts and the balances downloaded into Tiller do not match the balances on my Fidelity website account pages. It looks like the Tiller amounts might be the balances after margin credit is subtracted, but this would not represent the true balance of the account (note that “margin credit” is NOT the same as buying stocks on margin, or borrowing money to buy stocks - I don’t do any of that). Any ideas?

I have several Fidelity Investment accounts, and most of them have marginable securities. My balances on all the accounts seem to be very close - maybe off by the market valuation timing. So it looks like I am not seeing the issue you are having. I hate it when that happens!

Thanks Brian. Unfortunately I’m seeing much bigger differences, about 70% in one account. Makes it pretty useless to track my net worth.

Maybe try an experiment where you start a new workbook and link your accounts in from scratch?

  • Brian