Fidelity and Freedom Mortgage

What is going on with Fidelity investments, it appears to have been removed from the Instutions Alerts spreadsheet and hasn’t connected in almost a month?

On Freedom Mortgage, it appears after they started blocking yodlee that they have just been removed from the tracking sheet. Does that mean there is no hope of getting them connected in the future? Why are some institutions blocking yodlee? Is there a security risk we need to be aware of?

Can’t speak to Freedom Mortgage, but Fidelity connects perfectly for me. In fact, super smooth and fast now they they’re doing the Open Banking thing. Might be an issue with your account that Tiller customer support can help with.

are we talking about the same Fidelity? Fidelity Investments -

Yes, the Fidelity that is one of the largest investment firms in the country. I suspect there are lots of Fidelity investors on Tiller, and if it was down for a month, lots of other people would be posting here unhappy about it.

Not sure how long you’ve had your Fidelity account connected to Tiller, but connections needed to be reestablished after they moved to Open Banking in November. See here.

I started in December and it worked until 22 days ago. Ever since it is giving an error with and until the last day or so they were on the Alert list with Tiller as being down.

Hmmm. Odd. I joined in November, and I have had zero issues connecting to Fidelity throughout. That includes two different accounts from which we download info (my wife’s and mine) with everything from IRAs to employer-sponsored retirement accounts to taxable investment accounts.

I went in and re-established the connection and it took a couple of tries but I got fidelity working again. Thanks for being the only responder.

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Glad you got it working. Would be frustrating to me, too, if it wasn’t working.

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