Fidelity credit card transactions added as positive valies

The impression I got is that the Elan connection is now dead. In setting up the new connection, you will have some initial duplicate transactions to contend with. But they will have blank categories, so they’ll be easy to identify and clean up. I would recommend doing a “Fill” just before you enable the new connection to make the cleanup easier.

I’m having the same issue. I’ve checked that I followed the instructions to put the credit card back in the Fidelity Investments accounts. I’ve cleaned up all the duplicates, and I’m in the process of reversing all the incorrect signs. However, as of May 1st, transactions for this account are still coming in with the sign reversed.

I don’t understand why this post is marked solved. It isn’t.


Has the data provider given you an ETA for the fix?

As of today (May 3) it’s still a manual edit solution.

Bump - yeah, not solved. I saw there was an April 30 date for a fix but we are almost a week past that. I’d love to get an update to be sure it’s being worked on. A new date would be nice.

Any fix for this? Anyway we can bring back the old institution for the Fidelity CC until this one is fixed?

I have this card and am currently connecting through Elan without issues

I also am still connecting successfully through Elan for 2 Fidelity credit cards - one in my name and one in my husband’s name.

I am also experiencing this issue as of today. I’ve just been manually updating the signs for each transaction.

Any new updates on this issue @morgan? I don’t believe I’ve read an update in about two weeks.


@morgan @heather Any update?

No updates, Yodlee is still working on this. I don’t believe the former Fidelity CC connection will still work, they usually turn it off during an Open Banking migration.


This appears to be fixed, at least for today, on my end. Just synced my accounts again and the new Fidelity CC transactions all were added as negative amounts.


Same for me! Appears to be fixed.


@morgan Do you know if they will go back and fix all the data y’all already have in your DB?

I just created a new sheet to pull in my Fidelity CC data and I see issues with it. For example, I see duplicate transactions with different transaction IDs but I’m 100% sure they are duplicate.

I’ve been getting super inconsistent data pulls over the last week or so (ever since the +/- issue was fixed).

What I am seeing is that the transactions are in general quite a few days behind, and along with any new(ish) transactions, I am getting a handful of duplicates that range from 2-5 weeks old.

I am checking manually every morning now to try to understand the data so I can clean it up while we are hopefully waiting for the issue to resolve itself. I sort my sheet on “Date Added” and figure it out from there. This isn’t sustainable, so it would be nice to know if anyone else is seeing similar problems and if the general consensus is that this might get fixed? Everything else tied to my Fidelity account seems to be working just fine.


I’ve been seeing the same behavior with inconsistent Fidelity credit card data for probably a month, with some of the duplicates going back a year. The old duplicate transactions were showing up in Hello Money, and then sometimes but not always getting downloaded to my spreadsheet. However, it seems to have stopped this week and the Fidelity CC feed is working great right now (fingers crossed).

No, the data in our database won’t be fixed or changed. When it gets fixed the fix will only apply to data going forward. Our feeds also don’t have the ability to change what’s been pulled into the sheet.

The duplicates are expected because this is considered a new connection and the open banking connection will generally go back and pull a lot more historical data than just the last 60 days or whatever. This can happen on several subsequent refreshes.

You can use the Date Added column to identify the duplicates because they’ll have a more recent date (the day they get filled into your spreadsheet).

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