Fidelity Not Working - Manual Transaction Import

I know the yodlee issue is not Tillers fault, but if I can’t see transactions, its basically useless to me.

Fidelity Investments is the main one I am having issues with. Manually updating the account balances isn’t a big issue, but tracking the transactions is impossible. My wife and I both have mulitple accounts so going into each one and downloading all the transactions and uploading is way too time consuming.

Does any one have recommendations on how I can easily pull all my transactions from Fidelity with out having to go into each account (we have 10 accounts) and downloading 1 by one.

I see it’s been a year since you last posted. Have you reauthorized your account since Fidelity transitioned to open banking in November? See the link below. I ask only because Fidelity connects pretty flawlessly (and quickly) for me. It could be something else (there seem to be folks with different types of Fidelity accounts with different issues), but just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a simple fix.

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Also a Fidelity customer, with 10 accounts - 3 joint accounts and 7 individual accounts split between 2 spouses.

Adding to what @dmetiller has said above, since Fidelity transitioned to Open Banking, you will need to have separate logins in the console for you and your wife. One login will get their individual accounts only. The other login will get their individual accounts and the joint accounts. If you have the Fidelity Visa card(s), they are currently not downloading in the console with Fidelity. I am using the Elan Financial connection for our credit cards with no issues.

If you did do the update to Open Banking previously, but nothing is downloading, make sure that the “new” connected accounts are linked to your current sheet.

I am also seeing pretty fast and reliable downloads since Open Banking started. The lock out windows which happened a couple of times a day with Fidelity are gone.


Wow, that did it. When i hit refresh it always came up with a technical error and the first few times I saw it, I did try to redo credentials and it errored out on the fidelity side. Checking the outage report I saw fidelty investments was on there as a “technical error” so just kept asssuming it was down. You guys are amazing!

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that worked! you guys are amazing. Thank you so much.


Terrific. I love happy endings.