File Deleted From Google Drive


Here is the short story. I deleted my tiller files permanently out of Google Drive. I have a backup but when i click on it i get a 404 error…the requested url was not found on this server. that’s all we know…

When i try to open the file from the tiller console i get this message…

all i really did was move my tiller files from one folder to another folder on my computer and then i later deleted permanently what was in google drive. i am moving from google drive to dropbox for cloud storage but forgot to tread gently given that tiller is on google platform. i think i might just need to reestablish the link…hopefully.

any ideas?


Hi @Blake,

I believe if you permanently deleted the Google files then there is nothing we can do to recover them. Since you own the files we do not have access to them and if you’re getting this message there isn’t a way for us to help on this.

Since the files don’t actually exist on your computer, when you moved it around to another folder, I believe you’re just moving a shortcut to the file so if you then went and deleted it from Google Drive it’s gone.

I’m not sure what you mean by “backup” - really the only way to back up a Google Sheet is to make a copy of it. If the URLs aren’t working, I’m not sure on that.

Here’s a thread I found online, not sure if it’s helpful or not, but you may need to contact Google’s support.


i already have google running a recovery tool to recover recently permanently deleted files. I will let you know. More later. B

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History -

Recently, I moved my cloud storage from Google to Dropbox. Moved files from my Google folder on PC to Dropbox folder on PC. About 70-80,000 files involved and 600 GB of data. Took almost 2 days to upload to Dropbox and I blew right by my Comcast monthly data limit of 1.2 TB. Then I forever deleted everything in Google Drive. I have the Tiller files (file, copy, backup, whatever?) in the Dropbox folder but they no longer work (404 error).

Action Plan -

Below are a few links to show what I am doing to recover access. I am now in waiting mode which should take a couple more days.

More later.


google search = google drive recovery tool permanently deleted files


I appear to be back in business, will look more closely at everything over the next few days.

Question - What is the Tiller protocol for users to back up their files. I think users might be interested, I know I am. Many users are probably their own worst enemy. It appears the file resides only in My Drive. What is the duplicate (or whatever) that resides on our PC? It appears worthless unless the file is in My Drive. If the file (or even a copy of the file) in My Drive is compromised, then we have nothing, right? Why does that file on our PC appear worthless even when you use Google’s backup and sync? Looking for a specific reply and will review any links provided to other documentation as additional support.

I learned a lot through this process but I still do not fully understand, and that is scary.

Please advise.


Blake, Im sure Heather can respond to what Tillers protocol is, but… The only way for you to make a true backup of the google sheet is to export it out of google into another format either .xls (excel) or .csv .

This is because Google Sheets does not work outside of thier cloud. There is no non-internet connected version of google sheets like there is with Excel. The files you see are just pointers to the cloud, maybe used for thier limited offline access, but not a full workig sheet.

Here is a link to a discussion that describes it a bit more

In order to make an offline copy you need to download a copy



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Glad to hear you’re back in business @Blake. When we transitioned to Tiller Money Feeds as the primary feed mechanism we allowed customers to own there sheets. This offers a lot of power to users, but with great power comes great responsibility. :spider: :man:

So we can’t really save you from yourself. @richl is right, there is no local/offline copy of a Google Sheet. Even downloading to Excel isn’t an ideal option because the templates don’t really work the same, but it would at least give you a back up of your core sheets (Transactions, Categories, Balance History).


Appreciate your replies. I will investigate further. Cheers, B