Fill function not working / it falsely says "no updates available"

When I click “Fill Sheets” nothing gets added to the spreadsheet.

And when I go to refresh accounts, it says “No Updates Available” - see screenshot. This is false - I know there new transactions! When I click “no updates available” still nothing.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 3.13.57 PM

Any advice?

This seems like the most basic and essential function which underlies everything else. If it doesn’t work smoothly then this tool is not really workable for me.

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It can sometimes take a few days for transactions to post to accounts, especially credit card accounts. Transactions show up in Tiller when they post to your account, not when they are incurred. There have been lengthy discussions in this forum with requests for Tiller to import pending transactions. Tiller has acknowledged those requests, but also indicated that it’s not a straightforward implementation and there are higher priorities on their roadmap at the moment.