Filter from 2 tables (Account filter)


Hi all

I’ve got the Account filter workflow working in excel, and looking to make some changes to it potentialy to get to my desired outcome.

I have a seperate sheet called future transactions, in there it looks identical to the transactions sheet, however it’s all my upcoming bill payments for the next year. As these are paid and entered in the transaction sheet I delete them out of the future transaction sheet.

I want to use the account filter functionality (I think) to bring in transactions from both the transactions, and future transactions sheets - then add a balance column to it, so i can easily see if i’m tracking well or not.

Can this be done?

@randy tagging you as I know you did the Account FIlter solution :slight_smile:

Thanks Anna

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This is an interesting idea @annaisakiwi ! Hopefully @randy or another builder will get back with some ideas. I’m sure it’s possible, but might be a bit more extensive than the account filter you’re referring to here.

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