Filter from 2 tables (Account filter)


Hi all

I’ve got the Account filter workflow working in excel, and looking to make some changes to it potentialy to get to my desired outcome.

I have a seperate sheet called future transactions, in there it looks identical to the transactions sheet, however it’s all my upcoming bill payments for the next year. As these are paid and entered in the transaction sheet I delete them out of the future transaction sheet.

I want to use the account filter functionality (I think) to bring in transactions from both the transactions, and future transactions sheets - then add a balance column to it, so i can easily see if i’m tracking well or not.

Can this be done?

@randy tagging you as I know you did the Account FIlter solution :slight_smile:

Thanks Anna

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This is an interesting idea @annaisakiwi ! Hopefully @randy or another builder will get back with some ideas. I’m sure it’s possible, but might be a bit more extensive than the account filter you’re referring to here.

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bump - just incase @randy or another builder has some time and ideas for this :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to follow along, @annaisakiwi.

Is this all correct?

  • You successfully ported a version of the Sheets Account Filter to Excel.
  • You have a Future Transactions sheet that matches the organization of the Transactions sheet but has manually entered upcoming transactions.
  • As the Future Transactions fill onto Transactions via the Feeds, you delete them from Future Transactions manually.
  • You want to create a workflow that merges the past and future transactions so you can create a running balance report.

I feel like this (at least the matching portion) would be a nice application of the Reconcile Manual Transactions workflow, but we don’t have that running YET in Excel.

Also, is it possible this thread has some compelling ideas on how to project expenses and balances?

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Thanks Randy - yes the solution that @1Email2RuleThemAll is putting together looks like it will cover what i’m after!
@1Email2RuleThemAll do you know when you will be releasing it?

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yes that is all correct. I’m currently on parental leave, with my income varing from week to week - so trying to plan out into the future.

I’m excited that the juggernaut planner that @1Email2RuleThemAll is already finding an audience.



Unfortunately, so far I have only built this solution in Google Sheets. About 7-8 years ago, Microsoft invalidated my Office key and tried forcing me into an Office365 subscription. I just turned to Sheets at that point and never looked back. So sadly, I don’t currently have access to Excel to develop on.

I should be releasing the Sheets version hopefully within the next 2 weeks. I just have to get the time to do final testing and write up the Show & Tell.

With that said, I believe everything that I’m doing in Sheets to achieve this can be done in Excel. There are a few custom formulas that are quite involved, though, and could take some time to work out. I haven’t developed in Excel for quite awhile, but if I can manage to get access to it, I will start to work on trying to port the logic over for the Excel users among us. I can’t promise anything there, though :frowning:

more than happy to have another go at sheets to use this solution - but I may also be able to help you with access to excel if you want :slight_smile: - I have a spare space in my plan.

Also very happy to help you with any testing etc :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’m kind of taken aback that you’d be willing to try and switch platforms to use it! But I do think it’s truly invaluable. I’ve built a dashboard and a report off of this logic so far, and they are both crucial to my budget workflow.

If you’d like to see what’s actually going on with the solution, see if it’s right for you, and also do some end user testing before I officially release it, I can send you the Show & Tell instructions and a link here in the near future?

I’ve been working to get everything in order for release. I believe trying to write up the Show & Tell instructions is what’s hanging me up the most right now, haha. I’m trying to strike that balance between the right amount of info while not being too wordy.

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Oh yes please… happy to have a sneak peak before release and give you feedback, do testing :slight_smile: that would be awesome

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Ok cool! Let me work on getting that drafted up for you to check out. Just trying to get a few final things in order!

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Just sent you a message with the Show & Tell instructions and link!

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It took a little longer than expected (due to vacation and some unforeseen issues at work), but I have finally released the workflow I spoke of above. I apologize for the long delay! If anybody stumbles across this post in the future and is interested, my solution can be found at the below link:

Generated Recurring Expenses Workflow

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