Filtering for Business accounts


I downloaded the business dashboard. It seems to be taking into account all of my accounts including business and personal. Is it possible to filter for business accounts only? I read through the posts and poked around but cannot figure out how to do it.



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Based on my understanding, the new dashboard looks at all of the accounts in your sheet together and there is not a way for it to look at certain accounts only. I am not sure if the dashboard could be easily redesigned to meet your wishes. @randy ?

However, there is always a workaround. From your post, it sounds like you have both business and personal accounts in the same Tiller sheet. You might consider creating a separate sheet just for business. Then, regarding your current sheet, you might consider deleting the business accounts so that you have one sheet for business and one sheet for personal. Tiller allows you to have five sheets so no problems there.

I assume you have a separate bank account for the business and operate the business out of a separate entity (like a LLC) which provides benefits when it comes to things like limited liability protection, separate accounting records, tax planning, and tax return compliance. If not, you might consider whether it makes sense for you to move in that direction depending on you own particular situation.



Thank you @Blake for the reply. I think it would be a very nice and maybe easy feature to add to the business dashboard in the future.

I was not aware that we are able to create up to five sheets, so like you said it’s probably the best thing for me to do and only track business accounts.


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Great answer, @blake. You are always one step ahead. I couldn’t have said it better.

Yes, @DL19, many of us have both business and personal accounts that we want to manage with Tiller. Our vision with the Business Dashboard was that users would create a standalone spreadsheet with just their business accounts and a separate spreadsheet with their personal accounts. (This is what I do.)

Creating a separate spreadsheet to manage your business is the easiest approach. If you’re gung-ho on tackling some formulas, you could consider unhiding the right side of the business dashboard’s hidden cells and reworking the solution to dynamically filter on just your business accounts.

Good luck.

Well, you have your answer @DL19 . Do what @randy does, he uses a separate sheet. Nobody knows these formulas better than @randy and if he is not gung-ho and tackling those formulas himself in his own personal situation, then I would not touch those formulas with a ten foot pole.




Thank you Blake and Randy. I was able o create a second spreadsheet yesterday and only link business accounts. I think it will work fine for my situation. I had no idea you could create more than one sheet!

Thanks again

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Yes! This is why I found Tiller in the first place. Several of my clients had me looking for more flexible solutions for them that could accommodate both personal and business accounts. Yes, in a perfect world, everyone would keep these separate but unfortunately we live in reality. Especially small business owners that spend their time on making money and not learning how to manage and document what they’re making. I’m so excited I found Tiller and confident there’s a great solution.


See posts on Feb 26 and 27 as they appear to have addressed your issue.