Finally feeling confident

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I’m still very new to Tiller. It has already become tremendously helpful and an essential tool for running my small biz — even if I’ve only just scratched the surface of Tiller’s potential. I’ve found the tool I’ve been looking for, and it’s helped me become confident about the success of my small biz.

Posting the story I shared with the Tiller Money annual meetup on Zoom last month:

I’ve been running a small business in Hawaii for about five years now. Like a lot of small business owners, it’s just me. I don’t have any employees. I’m guessing a lot of people like me are at this point where they’re asking themselves, “Can I continue running this small business? Or am I just going to have to go find a job?” COVID-19 impacted my business, but it also gave me time to tighten up how I’m doing things. I had been hopping around from QuickBooks to Wave, looking for a solution to do the accounting, categorizing transactions, etc. None of them worked for me.

I run most of my business on Google Sheets, so when I heard about Tiller, I thought, “Wow, this is perfect.” After getting to know how it works, connecting it with my bank and credit cards accounts, and setting up the Foundation Template to suit my needs, I finally feel like, “Okay. this is possible. I can make my business successful.” I no longer have to worry about the money and the financials. I can focus on other important aspects of the business.

Tiller Money is so customizable and yet so simple that anybody can use it for any purpose, as long as they’re open to a learning curve if they’re not familiar with spreadsheets. My goal for next year is to finally relinquish myself of the administrative, often tedious financial accounting duties, thanks to Tiller. I plan set it up in such a way that I can hire somebody to come in once a month to review the data — data which I now feel completely in control of.

I finally feel really confident about the success of my small business.


Thanks so much @rogerb! :pray:

You have such an inspiring story. I know it will help boost others’ confidence too :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing! I will try it for my business as well.

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Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing