Financial Literacy Month Live Q&A Replay


Chihee Kim and I had a great conversation for Financial Literacy Month where we explore some financial literacy basics and talk resources on how to bridge your knowledge gaps.


Finny’s mission is to make learning about personal finance ubiquitous and easy. They take a fun approach to educating their users about money with the mission to create a barrier-free environment, where everybody, regardless of background, has an opportunity to become financially literate.

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Tiller Money makes understanding your money is a spreadsheet fast and easy.

The Foundation Template offers a great starting point for tracking, budgeting, and understanding your cash flow.

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One question we got was about a refinance calculator. Chihee shares

Strictly for mortgages: Mortgage Calculator - Estimate Mortgage Payments - The New York Times

For refinance she recommends:

Video replay

Watch the replay here: