Flagging manually-added transactions

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I know how to flag a manually-added transaction during the process of adding that transaction.
How can I go back and flag a transaction that I added before but forgot to flag when I added it?

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Could you clarify what you mean by flag? But if you mean to see that it was manually added you can see that from the “Metadata” column to the right, likely column T

I worded it poorly.
In the “Add Manual Transaction” window (Extensions/Tiller Money Feeds/Tools/Add Manual Transaction) there is a field labeled “Reconciling With Feeds”. When I enter a new transaction, I can select “Don’t Flag for Reconciliation” or I can select “Flag For Reconciliation”. I always select the latter choice. However, I have forgotten to do so a few times. (The default selection is “Don’t Flag for Reconciliation”.)
Once I’ve manually added a transaction that I’ve forgotten to flag for reconciliation, how may I go back and flag it for reconciliation?
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Here’s the difference I see in the Metadata column of the Transactions sheet:


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