Flying to Tiller?

This post is not about a new spreadsheet or budgeting technique or formula. But, hopefully it will give some in the Tiller Community a chuckle.

Did you know you can fly to Tiller and maybe some of you already have, without knowing it?

I recently discovered there is a GPS Waypoint pilots use called TILLR. No, it’s not exactly TILLER, but it would be pronounced as TILLER. These waypoints are only 5 letters long, so it can’t be exactly TILLER. :frowning:

If your plane is departing Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport and you are heading northwest, you might be assigned the OROSZ TWO departure, which tells you to make a turn after you takeoff and head to cross TILLR at or above 8000 feet.

Air traffic control could tell the pilot to “Turn direct to Tiller.”

You can see the TILLR waypoint near the middle of this chart.

Where is TILLR?

You can see from this map it is in the mountains west of Santa Clarita, CA and northwest of the Van Nuys airport.

Perhaps enjoy your next trip to Tiller flying out of Burbank.

Now, back to spreadsheets and budgeting.


Obviously, Tiller HQ needs to be moved there…


Intriguing research, @jono
Will deploy our real estate team on this important initiative ASAP!


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We missed our chance to buy Tiller, Oregon and relocate our global headquarters a few years ago (An entire southern Oregon town could be yours for $3.85 million -, but this sounds like a good consolation prize. We’ll point our sails there next!

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Love this Tiller trivia.