Formatting Issue with Imported Rows

This issue starting happening to me today. When I select fill to import my transactions, they come through, but the formatting is all off. For example, all the cells for the imported rows are centered and the transaction amount is not coming in as currency. I also have a column to account for shared transactions. It is just a checkbox, and prior to today it would populate an unchecked box for new rows. Now its an empty cell.

The auto-categorize is acting weird. My category field is a dropdown list, and upon import, the correct category value appears, but the dropdown menu is gone.

I’m going troubleshoot further tonight. I’m using chrome. I will try removing my browser extensions and see if that helps. If anyone is encountering the same issue or has any ideas, please let me know.

Thank you.

Welcome @irod :wave:

The Google Sheets add-on inserts rows at the bottom and then sorts them to the top. If your formatting is off it means the formatting at the very bottom of the sheet is off and that’s where it’s coming from. Sometimes this can happen if you copy/paste in manual data that has different formatting.

Recommend reformatting each column by selecting the column header letter at the top to ensure that last row’s formatting gets corrected too.

Last, you can fix the dropdown menu on the Category column using the steps in this guide: