Free Webinar: Using the Tiller Foundation Template for 2020 Budgeting

Details & Recording

Free On Demand Webinar: Using the Tiller Foundation Template for 2020 Budgeting
This webinar happened on Wednesday 12/18 at 3pm PT / 6PM ET.

Access the recording here.


1: Feeding data to the Foundation Template

2: Getting started with your Tiller Foundation Template

3: Budgeting with the Tiller Foundation Template

4: Getting ready for 2020 in the Foundation Template :tada::confetti_ball:

How to

Get started with AutoCat

Use (and edit) the Transactions sheet

Keep your sheet current with data

Get started with Tiller Money Feeds

Getting started FAQs

Get other templates ready for the new year (Excel, prior versions of budgets)

Q&A topics

Manually add data

Manually import data from bank CSV into Tiller
Manually add transactions using the Tiller Labs add-on
Manually insert rows directly into your Transactions sheet.

Migration from Feed Bot

Google Sheets created after August 26, 2019 are now fed using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. If you have a Feed Bot sheet and want to transition to using the Tiller Foundation Template you can choose one of the following options. Read more about Feed Bot vs Tiller Money Feeds sheets here.

Manually migrate your existing data set
Use the Tiller Labs Migration Helper (experimental & lightly tested. Make a copy of your sheet first!)

Add transactions/reconcile (checks)

For reconciling use the Tiller Labs add-on (under Tools when sidebar is open) to manually add transactions and flag for reconcile.

Splitting transactions

Manual splits via direct Transactions sheet editing (inserting rows, etc) or use the Tiller Labs Transaction Splitter.

Tracking surplus or overages in specific categories and savings goals.

Use the Tiller Budget for envelope/zero sum budgeting. Available via the Tiller add-on. Comprehensive guide here.

Categorizing Transfers

Use a transfer category to categorize credit card or loan payments when both accounts are connected to Tiller and feeding transactions to the same sheet. Learn more here

Advisors who want to use Tiller with clients

More on this coming soon!

How to add visual graphs

Check out the Tiller Labs add-on for pre-built lightly tested dashboards or easily insert your own charts.

Amazon Add-on and how it works with Amazon Credit card

Amazon line item importer is supported and documented here in the Tiller Money Community. Review and post questions here.

How to view category spending over time

Highly recommend the new Monthly Analysis Report via Tiller Labs add-on that can be used with the Tiller Foundation Template. Otherwise a quick monthly pivot table is always an easy place to start.

Will there be more comprehensive tax tools (paycheck calculator/tax estimate worksheet for w-2s)?

We don’t have anything coming down the line for tax estimated for W2 or paycheck calculator, but do have great resources for tax organization.

Renaming accounts

Set account nicknames on the Tiller Console. These will populate into your sheet on the next update. More info here.