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1: Feeding data to the Foundation Template

2: Getting started with your Tiller Foundation Template

3: Budgeting with the Tiller Foundation Template

4: Using the Tiller Labs add-on

How to

Remember to visit the Tiller Console to refresh MFA/2FA accounts and then click “update sheets” in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to get the latest data into your sheet.

Get started with AutoCat

Use (and edit) the Transactions sheet

Keep your sheet current with data

Get started with Tiller Money Feeds

Getting started FAQs

Get other templates ready for the new year (Excel, prior versions of budgets)


2/11/2020 Q&A

How do I enter cash transactions?
Read more on the help center here

I get daily emails about new transactions and balances; but sheet didn’t update. Do I need to manually use add ins to update google sheets?
More than likely yes. We brought the transactions in after the Auto Update process ran, or you didn’t have the Auto Update setting turned on.

Can you/how can you upload/covert old bank statements in .pdf to use in tiller?
Not a great way to convert from PDF. You can try copy/paste into a blank Google Sheet and then reformat using this guide.

How often will the transactions update? I saw transactions on the bank page but couldn’t get them to pull in this morning until this afternoon.
Usually this is about once a day, but you may need to visit the Tiller Console to refresh your accounts and then click “update sheets” in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on.

Should we start a new sheet for each year for tax purposes?
No need to start a new sheet. The data will accumulate. Check out our resources on organizing for tax time here.

How do I enter once a year expense for budget purposes?
You can enter budget amounts for any month during the year on the Categories sheet and then just change the subsequent month to $0 to stop the cascade effect in the budgets.

Can I budget a rolling year, or is the yearly budget based on the calendar year?
Yes, you can start your budget start month to whatever month you like by enter the first date of the month in cell E1 on the Categories sheet. More info on that here.

Where do we input investments, mutual funds, etc?
If referring to categorizing, you can read existing topic here or start a new one under Discussion > Net Worth.

Can you talk briefly about rollover? ie, if I underspend in a category can it roll forward to the next month?
The Foundation template does not support rollover features. Learn more about rollover features available from Tiller Labs here.

Add-on for snowball debt reduction?
You can use the Debt Progress sheet from Tiller Labs. Read more here.

I do my moms bills etc. Can I have a second separate sheet with a second set of accounts?
Yes. Just connect the accounts in the Account Summary on the Tiller Console and then create a separate sheet for those accounts. You can create up to 5 accounts on the Tiller Console.

Is there a way to create 1 sheet per account?
There is a 5 sheet limit so this is not recommended. If you just want to review transactions per account, recommend the Account Filter sheet from Tiller Labs add-on.

are there options to change the dashboard layout?
Don’t recommend changing dashboard layout from pre-made dashboards, but you can browse and insert other dashboard options via the Tiller Labs add-on.

i would like to have all transactions of a particular category be totalled up (constantly) and then have that number show up in another roll up. Is there an add on or other way to pull this off?
Would love more on what this question means, but best idea is to use a pivot table without understanding more. More on pivot tables here.

Is ADP supported? I would like to track taxes, employee stock, etc
I don’t think we can pull ADP payroll data.

I can think of a lot of categories, but what is the best way to think of Groups for those categories?
Good discussion on this here.

When starting is there any way to start importing from an earlier date than the default? My bank has many more transactions online than were actually imported.
You can manually add data to make up what we couldn’t pull in using these steps or pull from previous tools using the Tiller Labs add-on. More on that here.

I see Auto Cat in our sidebar - does that work now in the Foundation Template
AutoCat (beta) coming soon to Tiller Money Feeds!

Can we filter transactions based on a category?
Yes, more on filtering here.

It only imported transactions going back maybe 90 days? How do I get it to go back further on initial import?
You can manually add data to make up what we couldn’t pull in using these steps or pull from previous tools using the Tiller Labs add-on. More on that here.

I noticed that transactions had not updated for several days. I used the tillerhq dashboard to re-enter my banks credentials (Fifth Third) and then 3 days wort of transactions suddenly appeared when I ran the money feed. Is there some setting that I should look into?
This is likely due to the bank security settings. Visit the Console to reauthenticate/refresh and then click “update sheets” to get the most timely data.

What is the best way to include a credit card payment in your budget? I.e. say I want to budget $1000 each month to credit card payment. How would I get it to not 0 net sum?
Budgeting for debt payoff workflows here

how to quickly categorize when just beginning-there are so many transactions
Sort by the description column and then use the quick fill square. Documented here or use AutoCat or just don’t worry about doing all of them. Just do last month up to today.