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1: Feeding data to the Foundation Template
Includes troubleshooting tips if you get stuck clicking “use template” or can’t figure out how to feed data into the template.

2: Getting started with your Tiller Foundation Template
Covers steps of setting up categories sheet, categorizing transacitons, and setting budgets.

3: Budgeting with the Tiller Foundation Template
More in depth info on budgeting with the Foundation template including how to set the start of your 12 month fiscal year.

4: Using the Tiller Labs add-on
Guide to installing and using the Tiller Labs add-on to go beyond budgeting in the Foundation template.

How to

Remember to visit the Tiller Console to refresh MFA/2FA accounts and then click “update sheets” in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to get the latest data into your sheet.

Get started with AutoCat (beta)

Use (and edit) the Transactions sheet

Keep your sheet current with data

Get started with Tiller Money Feeds

Getting started FAQs


How do I enter cash transactions?
Read more on the help center here

I get daily emails about new transactions and balances; but sheet didn’t update. Do I need to manually use add ins to update google sheets?
More than likely yes. We brought the transactions in after the Auto Update process ran, or you didn’t have the Auto Update setting turned on.

Can you/how can you upload/covert old bank statements in .pdf to use in tiller?
Not a great way to convert from PDF. You can try copy/paste into a blank Google Sheet and then reformat using this guide.

How often will the transactions update? I saw transactions on the bank page but couldn’t get them to pull in this morning until this afternoon.
Usually this is about once a day, but you may need to visit the Tiller Console to refresh your accounts and then click “update sheets” in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on.

Should we start a new sheet for each year for tax purposes?
No need to start a new sheet. The data will accumulate. Check out our resources on organizing for tax time here.

How do I enter once a year expense for budget purposes?
You can enter budget amounts for any month during the year on the Categories sheet and then just change the subsequent month to $0 to stop the cascade effect in the budgets.

Can I budget a rolling year, or is the yearly budget based on the calendar year?
Yes, you can start your budget start month to whatever month you like by enter the first date of the month in cell E1 on the Categories sheet. More info on that here.

Where do we input investments, mutual funds, etc?
If referring to categorizing, you can read existing topic here or start a new one under Discussion > Net Worth.

Can you talk briefly about rollover? ie, if I underspend in a category can it roll forward to the next month?
The Foundation template does not support rollover features. Learn more about rollover features available from Tiller Labs here.

Add-on for snowball debt reduction?
You can use the Debt Progress sheet from Tiller Labs. Read more here.

I do my moms bills etc. Can I have a second separate sheet with a second set of accounts?
Yes. Just connect the accounts in the Account Summary on the Tiller Console and then create a separate sheet for those accounts. You can create up to 5 accounts on the Tiller Console.

Is there a way to create 1 sheet per account?
There is a 5 sheet limit so this is not recommended. If you just want to review transactions per account, recommend the Account Filter sheet from Tiller Labs add-on.

are there options to change the dashboard layout?
Don’t recommend changing dashboard layout from pre-made dashboards, but you can browse and insert other dashboard options via the Tiller Labs add-on.

i would like to have all transactions of a particular category be totalled up (constantly) and then have that number show up in another roll up. Is there an add on or other way to pull this off?
Would love more on what this question means, but best idea is to use a pivot table without understanding more. More on pivot tables here.

Is ADP supported? I would like to track taxes, employee stock, etc
I don’t think we can pull ADP payroll data.

I can think of a lot of categories, but what is the best way to think of Groups for those categories?
Good discussion on this here.

When starting is there any way to start importing from an earlier date than the default? My bank has many more transactions online than were actually imported.
You can manually add data to make up what we couldn’t pull in using these steps or pull from previous tools using the Tiller Labs add-on. More on that here.

I see Auto Cat in our sidebar - does that work now in the Foundation Template
AutoCat (beta) coming soon to Tiller Money Feeds!

Can we filter transactions based on a category?
Yes, more on filtering here.

It only imported transactions going back maybe 90 days? How do I get it to go back further on initial import?
You can manually add data to make up what we couldn’t pull in using these steps or pull from previous tools using the Tiller Labs add-on. More on that here.

I noticed that transactions had not updated for several days. I used the tillerhq dashboard to re-enter my banks credentials (Fifth Third) and then 3 days wort of transactions suddenly appeared when I ran the money feed. Is there some setting that I should look into?
This is likely due to the bank security settings. Visit the Console to reauthenticate/refresh and then click “update sheets” to get the most timely data.

What is the best way to include a credit card payment in your budget? I.e. say I want to budget $1000 each month to credit card payment. How would I get it to not 0 net sum?
Budgeting for debt payoff workflows here

how to quickly categorize when just beginning-there are so many transactions
Sort by the description column and then use the quick fill square. Documented here or use AutoCat or just don’t worry about doing all of them. Just do last month up to today.

Can I pay monthly?
Tiller Money only offers an annual subscription payment option right now.

I’m really concerned about the security and particularly the privacy of my data. I see on your website that privacy is super important to you, and that your team doesn’t see our data - but that ends when you send our data to Google right? Google can see the spending data in summaries sent to our Google email, Google can see our data in Google Sheets. Right? Is that the case when using Excel?

Google has a comprehensive privacy policy available here

Google’s CEO has recently spoken, in even clearer terms, to elaborate on their privacy position. In this New York Time op-ed piece, CEO Sundar Pinchar clarified that they use search content for ads, but they do not use personal data in Gmail or Google Docs for ads.

How could I separate business and personal expenses? I’d basically like 3 levels of category i.e. Business Expenses > Web Services > EXPENSE.

Set up a group for Business on the Categories sheet and list out business expenses under it. Recommend using a separate account/card for business transactions and no co-mingle business/personal in same accounts. You can also set up a separate sheet just for business financial tracking and only link those accounts to it. You can link up to 5 spreadsheets and feed data using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on.

Could you show us how to use AutoCat effectively?

Best resource on AutoCat is here.

Does Tiller have debt consolidation tool and are you able to demo that real quick?

You can install the Debt Progress sheet via the Tiller Labs add-on.

I changed the color of the cell backgrounds in some rows of the categories tab, and all of those categories are no longer showing up in my transactions tab dropdowns….how can I reset that categories tab back to original working order? As a follow up to that, is there any way to organize this type of data (Using colors or other means) without breaking the model. thx!

You can fix the dropdown menu issue with these steps.. Recommend using the Group/Category structure to stay organized.

Also, how do I handle cash transactions? Can I add/delete transactions or will that break the sheet?
Best resources on tracking cash are here.

I’m particularly tracking mileage expenses related to my contract work, along with some other costs, for tax purposes. There are some solutions out there to track. But, not sure which ones would most smoothly integrate with Tiller.

Any mileage tracking tool that allows you to export a CSV file will work fine with Tiller, but you’ll need to manually copy/paste the data from the export into your Tiller spreadsheet if you want to see all that data together. We don’t have any direct integrations with mileage apps. If you earn all your income from freelance/contract work and filing single, recommend checking out the Quarterly Estimated Tax sheet which allows you to input expected annual mileage to help calculate your quarterly estimated tax payments.

Thanks for the demo! I’m interested in $0 budgeting/envelope system, and have gotten started with the Budget sheet. Where do I put in the starting amounts? For example, I’m starting in January 2020 for Tiller, but I’ve been saving money for a category all during 2019. Let’s say $500. So where do I put in the $500, so that I add the amount that I want to save in January to this category.

Read more on how to use the Tiller Budget template with Rollovers here. Please post questions about this template via that topic.

Can I change the name of the sheet “Tiller Foundation Template” without breaking it?

Yes, just rename the sheet in the upper left and after a few refresh cycles the sheet name change will reflect on the Tiller Console.

In the yearly budget, how can you view YTD budgeting and spending?
The Foundation template doesn’t have the YTD sheet out of the box, but you can add one via the Tiller Labs add-on. Community docs here.

What if I would like to sort by another column, rather than have it alphabetical (in Category Tracker)

Category Tracker is a Tiller Labs solution. There isn’t a way to sort the list by another column, it’s designed to display alphabetically.

What is Column D in the Category Tracker?
Unique description for transactions in the Transactions sheet and the sum of all transactions with that description for the selected category.

What are your favorite solutions for tracking categories and groups?
Monthly Analysis sheet or a Monthly Pivot table by Group.

Are we able to remove a sheet from the workbook? Including those you add from Tiller Lab?
Yes, just right click the tab and choose “Delete”

I liked your quick demo of alphabetizing the category list. Any more knowledge to impart on data filtering/filter views? Or is this a general Google Sheets skill to learn?
Filtering and sorting basics are here

Transactions tab: Purpose of Column A?
No purpose other than a spot to put our logo in the Transactions sheet. You can delete or hide this column or just use it for whatever you like.

Is there a timeline on when Apple Card from Goldman will be addable? Seems to be the same problem on every service that links to credit card accounts
We do not have insight into when or if Apple Card would ever be supported.

How to refresh after adding new categories?
Issue here was that the headers (row 1) on the Categories sheet had been cleared.

Talk briefly about how to set up transfers
A transfer category is typically used for money flowing between accounts when both accounts are connected. A good example is a credit card payment. More on transfer here.

How to reference column A B C | category | group | type | in my own custom spreadsheets.
It really depends on what you’re trying to do. We have a basic Builder’s Reference for building on top of Tiller Money Feeds-powered sheets. Tiller's Template Builder's Reference

Is there a way to create sub-categories?
You can use the Group/Category schema in the same way. More on that here.

What can I do about duplicate transactions?
Here is our guide on duplicates. You can also try the Manage Duplicates workflow from Tiller Labs.

Is it possible to split transactions across multiple categories?
Yes, via the Tiller Labs add-on. More here.

I like to reconcile paper receipts with the transactions from my bank, to more easily find transactions that I don’t recognize. Is this possible? Can you walk through statement reconciliation as well?
You can use the Statements sheet from Tiller Labs to reconcile transactions against bank statements.

Can you talk about Envelope Budgeting?
The Tiller Foundation template does not support envelope budgeting. You can learn more about our automated envelope budgeting tool (The Tiller Budget with Rollovers available via the Tiller add-on)here.

Is there a way to export an excel sheet to google docs/vice versa?
These two platforms don’t interpret formulas in the same way so it’s not a seamless process to use both. Best to pick one or the other.

I watched a tutorial on using AutoCat to automate the transactions. I can’t seem to find the AutoCat add on. where is it?
AutoCat is now available via the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. More on that here.

I would prefer not to change the transactions to make sure I don’t break the link (in the Foundation Template). What is the recommended way to create custom reports? For example, what if I wanted to see all of the transactions in a certain category last month?
It’s fine to edit the Transactions sheet as long as you don’t change the pre-populated headers in row 1 or rename the sheet. Otherwise, editing is fine and referencing this sheet is fine without breaking the feed. More here.

As we get close to the end of the year, what is the proper procedure for adding additional months to the budget tab?
You can read more about setting up the Foundation Template for multi-year budgeting here.

Can I unlink accounts any time and will the data be removed or am I stuck with it once added and linked?
You can unlink accounts to stop the feed of new data to the sheet, but you would need to manually remove the existing data using these steps.

How do you categorize savings?
Should you not have savings accounts linked because it will be thought of as income?
The best way to do it in the Foundation template is to have two categories for savings. A hidden Income category (marked as “Hide from reports” on Categories sheet) and a non-hidden expense category. This allows you to budget for savings but doesn’t create a surplus in your income in the budget. Otherwise you could just categorize as a Transfer. Neither of these methods will really “track” your savings. One possible (though un-tested) option is to use the Tags Report from Tiller Labs and tag the savings transactions to track the balance of savings.

Can I mix my business and personal accounts since I “poorly” mix the two and get things mixed up.
Yes, it’s fine to have these in the same Transactions sheet. You can organize them using a “Business” group in Categories.

In the balances tab, it seems like the ordering of the list changed each time I updated the overall sheet. But I’d like to tie balance levels to check against an investment sheet. Is there a good way to lock these down or name the balances or something?
I’m not sure how to do this, but there is a way! If this question gets posted/answered elsewhere in the community, I’ll update this with a URL.

Is there a solution for auto-categorizing based off of keywords or institution?
Yes! AutoCat. Learn more here

I switched the columns and messed up the template. After breaking the template do i need to start everything over again?
This depends on how badly it’s broken. Sometimes just fixing the column headers in the Transactions sheet can get the other sheets back in working order. You can also use the Tiller Labs add-on to restore broken sheets, but if the core sheet doesn’t have the columns set up correctly the references may not work.

Does the monthly budget tab change with each month or do you have to redo it for changes each month?
You can select months in the upper right of the Monthly Budget sheet.

How did you add “notes” column in the transaction tab? Im just scared Im going to break something by adding that column.
Just click a column letter and right click then choose insert 1 left or right to add a column. Adding columns won’t break anything. You’d want to title the column Note to take advantage of other features in the Tiller Labs add-on that leverage this column. Also, be aware that the column will adopt the formatting to the left/right depending on which option you choose. So if you have a column with a dropdown and you insert right of it, it will adopt the dropdown too.

In Quicken or similar, you can enter a paystub with all the deductions. Taxes, 401k, insurance, etc. It’s useful at end of year to compare against W-2s, investment accounts, etc. Is there a way to do that here?
There isn’t an automated way to do the split each month, but you can use the transaction splitter from Tiller Labs or you can manually add the splits using a “template”. Here is the existing discussion on that.

For people moving from Quicken or something similar, is best practice to build one spreadsheet to rule them all, or have more task specific sheets?
Best to have everything in one spreadsheet for the most part. Exceptions are for tracking net worth - you may want to put all these in a separate sheet and ignore the Transactions sheet or business tracking.

If you prepay for one year for a subscription. Is it possible to split that on a monthly basis?
You’d have to manually split the transaction across the rest of the months in the year.

"Do you link with Square? And Payouts or PaidIn transactions?"
Our data provider does not have an integration with Square at this time. I’m not sure about the others, but you can try searching from the Add Accounts option in the Tiller Console.

Will you eventually build out the Excel Template to equal the Google sheets template?
We don’t have a timeline on when we might have parity between the Excel Money Tracker Template and the Google Sheets Foundation template at this time.

Do categories need to be assigned to the same merchants every mnth?
No you can assign whatever category you like in any month to a transaction.

Does it do update category for future transactions?
Not automatically. This is where AutoCat comes in handy.

When applying filters how can i disable warning messages that this was designed to not be modified?
When trying to turn on/off the filter in the Transactions sheet a warning message appears “Heads up” - this is a protected range on row one in the Transactions sheet to prevent the feed from being disrupted if you were to accidentally overwrite a column header. You can select row 1 and then open the Data menu at the top and choose > Protected Ranges and remove the protected range to prevent this warning.

Could you also use transfer instead of cc payment?
Yes, you can use any category for credit card payment transfer transactions. Recommended that you use a transfer type category for these.

Can you sort category list alphabetically?
Yes, you can sort by clicking the small triangle on the column letter and choose A>Z or you can turn the filter on in the Categories sheet and sort that way.

Does Tiller sync with Venmo?
Yes, our data provider supports Venmo. Personally, it works well for me.

Do you have examples if i have rental properties or other small business investments?
You can find a rental property tracker quickly* built by our founder here. If you have questions you can reply directly to that topic to ask. *Quickly means it’s experimental, not really tested and not supported by our email/chat support teams

I linked an investment account to this same sheet…but don’t see it…do I need to use a different google sheet for that?
May need you to reach out to on this one. Not totally sure what’s going wrong there.

Is it possible to submit requests to connect to more banking options than are available? e.g. I use Koho and Wealth Simple which are fintech companies and I can’t connect those accounts yet.
Wealth Simple should work, but 2FA is not supported for the connection. Read more on that here. You can add other unsupported institutions to our unsupported list here - we do not submit requests for new sites at this time and focus our small team’s energy on troubleshooting connection issues with existing sites.

Can you customize name or rename accounts?
Yes, you can create an account nickname on the Tiller Console under Account Summary (click the pencil icon). The new name will only reflect for new transactions. More on renaming here.

Can you show how to create a report showing a selection of certain categories?
Install Tiller Labs and explore the options there. In the demo I showed the Category Tracker and the Monthly Analysis sheet.

What are the main differences between Autocat and the new beta? I see 2 columns to define the Amount Ranges, is that it?
The new AutoCat can also clean up descriptions, you can use a single rule for multiple merchants, apply values to other cells based on the contents of any column in the Transactions sheet. Read more here.

How to set up home mortgage and split b/n principal, interest and escrows
The most advice I can offer is on how to do the splits using the Tiller Labs add-on.

Does AutoCat need to be ran manually?
Yes, for right now AutoCat (beta) requires that you run it manually in the sidebar. We will develop the option to have it run automatically, but that’s a little further down the line and one of our requirements for it moving out of “beta”

On the console, my accounts refresh but the last report does not change on some accounts. Why?
Recommend reaching out to and let us know the specifics here. We’re still refining the new Account Summary in the Tiller Console and the feedback is helpful.

Can I maintain google sheet and Excel sheet at the same time?
Yes, you can have both a Google Sheet and an Excel sheet connected to the Tiller Console at the same time, but they won’t share data and can’t be synced between them.

How would you group/budget for something like a student loan payment? would you group that as a transfer or an expense?
Recommend reviewing our Debt Progress sheet documentation here for how to budget for debt payoff and think about categories.

The version before the Foundation Template had a graphic showing the net worth during the year. But I have not found this graphic in the Foundation template. Has it been implemented?
Likely the dashboard you’re thinking of has moved to the Tiller Labs add-on.

Any suggestions for banks that don’t have 2FA syncing issues? Capital One is the worst.
I personally don’t have any suggestions. Here is a topic on the question, but it’s specific to credit cards.

Is there a way to show incorporate mortgage paydown into networth?
Not 100% sure how to answer this one, would recommend asking here on the Community. If helpful you can add the mortgage using the manual balances option in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on.

Do you have job or internship opportunities?
We are not currently hiring. But when we do the opportunities are listed on the website at

Can we put the filter on row 1 of the Transaction page after bypassing the the warning?
Yes, after you bypass the warning the filter should show up on row 1.

How far can you pull data from previous years?
We can only pull data from the last 90 days for most institutions and accounts you can manually add data using one of the options in this guide.

Is there a drag n drop option to move categories around?
Yes, if you hover over the row number a small hand icon will appear. You can then click and drag the category row. Don’t drag above row 2 as that will break the dropdown.

In Tiller Labs, some solutions have a hear shape symbol near them? What does it indicate?
These are popular templates and ones that are more likely to have been more well vetted by customers, and revised as bugs or issues are found.

For manually added accounts, doe the balances get updated if we manually add transactions ?
No, when manually adding a transaction the balance for the manual account does not update. You’ll need to manually update the balance using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on.

How do you report using Groups?
The Monthly Analysis sheet gives a good month over month comparison of groups. Otherwise a simple pivot table with group as documented here will also work well.

However, on the account tab…I show the drop down, both credit cards but not the investment account. However on the money feeds on the right under linked accounts, I see all accounts including the investments.
Double check you have the check mark next to the account in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on under “Linked accounts.” If that doesn’t help reach out to and we can help you get it figured out.

Do you have a favorite add on for investments…that show buys an sells, etc
No, I don’t track my investments that closely, but you can use this example sheet to track. We don’t have position history right now, but hope to in the future. Vote for that feature request here.

On the categories tab, it’s evident that however the sheet is sorted is the order that the categories are available when designating transactions. It would be helpful to view the categories sheet sorted by group, but the categories alphabetically arranged when selecting them and categorizing each transaction. Way to make this happen?
You would need to sort the Categories sheet by the Category column if you want to see the Categories appearing alphabetically on the dropdown in the Transactions sheet.

How do you find/enable the AutoCat feature again?
From the Add-ons menu > Choose Tiller Money Feeds > Launch/Open Sidebar > click AutoCat (beta)

Hi Heather - I know you said AutoCat will be automatic soon. How soon? And does that include availability to run it on iOS devices? I usually do mine daily on the fly from my iPhone or iPad. LOVE Tiller!!! Thx for giving me so much time in my life!
We don’t have an ETA on the automatic run feature yet, but it will allow AutoCat to run automatically in the background when transactions are added with Auto Update. More on using Tiller with using on iOS.

Is the long term plan to have all the same sheets, labs, etc. for the Excel worksheets?
We don’t have a long term plan at this time to build the Google Sheets capabilities into Excel.

Do you plan to add transactions from ecommerce website like Woocommerce?
I don’t think we specifically support Woocommerce. I know we support PayPal which is a common ecommerce platform.

I started my set up for excel. Is there a way to transfer my accounts over to google sheets?
You can copy/paste the information from Excel into Google Sheets using these steps as a guide.

Is there a way to automatically import amazon charge break downs or is that a manual process only with a csv file?
You can use the CSV importer in the Tiller Labs add-on.

Do you start new ss every year as new or you manage multiple years on the same ss? What is your recommendation?
With the Foundation Template you can have multiple years in your budget, but after a few years it might be a good idea for performance to archive the sheet and clear the older data.

Does that CSV tool pull automatically from the folder it’s pointed to?
No, you would need to manually upload the CSV to the add-on each time.

How can I manage my investments (401k, IRA) differently from my expenses?
Recommend using a transfer category or hidden categories if you don’t want to see them in your cash flow.

Which company is your data provider that you mentioned?
We use Yodlee, the trusted industry leader in banking data aggregation.

Are the bank links that I already set up for Excel available for Google Sheets or do I have to start relinking again?
You can link those same accounts to Google Sheets, yes.

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