🏆 Generated Recurring Expenses Workflow

Thanks! The check expenses report has not been released. I’m trying to work out a few areas that I’m not satisfied with. There’s a lot going on, and I’m still trying to tweak some things in it to make it better. I’ll either be adding a lot to this report, or scaling it back before I decide to release.

But I created a sort of “Account Health” report that also uses the Generated Recurring Expenses solution as a base. I’m more happy with the state that one is in, and would likely release that first. It shows your checking, savings, and credit card totals, as well as expenses due by your next check (which disappear after being marked as paid). For savings, it shows the total amount in savings, the amount allocated to savings goals, and the amount available that’s not allocated. For checking, it shows the amount you have in each account, and the amount available after you pay all expenses due by your next paycheck that you set as being paid from those accounts. There’s also an option to change the amount available from the “Total Due” (total after current paycheck expenses are paid) to “Total Pending” (total after current paycheck expenses and all credit card totals are paid).

I have thought about integrating income and expenses into a report, and might work towards making that in the future. The sample report was just a straight pull from the Generated Expenses sheet, ordered by date, as a way to kind of show how to pull the data in. You could easily use my Income Settings sheet to set up your paycheck cadence, then use that to generate a list of paychecks between the start/end dates of the report, then combine the expenses and paychecks together in one list, ordered by date.