🏆 Generated Recurring Expenses Workflow

Wow, quite the thoughtful well articulated response from you and the team Heather! For the record, absolutely zero sarcasm meant, as often can be missed in this medium.

Reading this thread was quite the e-ride… I was thinking of possibly even trying out the solution itself at the start, and here’s hoping someday I might get to.

Just my 2c, there’s value in leaving said post up as it at the very least shows:

  1. a cool original idea, even if it’s just to be ideated from at this point.
  2. a genuine human interaction between a company and its customer base.

I just want to commend your efforts in hopefully bridging this gap that has been created.

I can understand both sides of this equation, I’ve been the creator of something that has felt overlooked, while pouring all of my time and energy into it.

I have also been the operator of an organization, had the best, most genuine intentions with all of my decisions for everyone to be affected positively, and somehow they have (always) fallen short of someone’s expectations!

At the end of the day, Tiller is a wonderful tool that has helped so many people get their finances either back on track or even more organized. I for one am so grateful for this, my wife and I just introduced our first child into the world two weeks ago today. Tiller has unlocked so many roadblocks that we have struggled with on our finances for years - we’re now able to truly forecast our future income, savings and expenses. Wrap all that up with being located within one Google Sheets workbook, and I’m set for life.

Furthermore, @1Email2RuleThemAll has literally built the solution to a problem that I have been looking for and has literally caused my wife YEARS of confusion on our finances. So please know that if you have decided to stop working on any of these solutions, you have made an impact on a brand new family’s lives for the better. I’m eternally grateful for you!

I don’t have a magic 8 ball to predict the future from here, but I do hope we can resolve these issues, quite selfishly for my own benefit!

Have a good night everyone


I’m glad to hear that these workflows have helped you better plan your new life! I don’t plan on taking any solutions down, and fully plan to support all the solutions that I’ve posted. I just changed the permissions to be for personal use only. This workflow in particular was meant as a scaffolding that can be used to build reports and dashboards (both solutions I talked about above use this as a source in some fashion). It has a lot of value to offer in this regard. Since I felt that the value was not adequately recognized, I decided that taking that aspect of the solution away was a fair trade. If somebody wants to use the solution, they can. If they want to build a report on top of it so they can gain better insights into their finances, they are free to do so.

I like the markup that the forums utilize, and I use the Show & Tell posts as a sort of doc repo for myself. I might post the other workflows at some point. As they sit, they’re only good for a subset of the user base. For instance, my Check Health/Home Page solution only accounts for a max of 5 savings accounts. That’s more than enough for my situation, but others may have 7 savings accounts, which would break the logic of that workflow. Getting those workflows into a state that’s usable by more people requires some effort, and I’ve just felt recently that those efforts were better spent on other things.

Again, thank you for the kind words, and let me know if you have any questions about the workflows!


I’m just digging into this, and it looks like it will nicely replace the “scheduled transactions” my old bank integrated into their app. I’m not a spreadsheet expert, but I’m not afraid of trying to write my own formulae occasionally.

I have a rogue subscription that, instead of renewing on the same day every month, renews every 30 days, which shifts the payment date over time. It’s not paid from the account I’m currently working with, but it’s made me curious as to whether this math could be incorporated into the Frequency grains.

Hello! A rolling 30 day window absolutely could be worked into the frequency grains, and I’ve actually been thinking about incorporating it for some time now. One of my dogs has meds that are dispatched in 30 day increments, so I deal with the same issue. I’ve just kinda put up with it for the most part because I just need a general idea of when that will hit, but I have been wanting to make it match reality.

Here recently, I’ve been in sort of burn-out mode when it comes to writing code. I’m a programmer by trade, and it’s a big hobby of mine. I have a lot of projects I’m close to completing, but have just been too burnt out to push into completion. But I’m starting to get some motivation again, and this might be one of the first things I tackle.

Also, I highly recommend checking out my Upcoming Recurring Expense & Account Health Dashboard if you have not already. It uses this concept solution as one of the main mechanics.