Getting a grip on things that we can’t ignore

Posting with permission on behalf of Dorothy

A story shared at the Tiller Money Stories community meetup

Money is something that has the emotional component to it, where there’s so much guilt and shame wrapped around it. What we found is that collaborating has been good because we both look at it, and it has been really good to see exact things. We have often so many different accounts, investments, and various complexities with our money. Sometimes we haven’t really known what’s going on. Using Tiller Money has forced us to really take a hard look at it. You can procrastinate for a while, but finally, we’re actually coming up with some solutions to certain things that we’ve had to really face.

It’s challenging and difficult. There are a lot of dreams and things, because we’re getting onto the almost 60 side, and '08 hit us really hard with investments that we thought we’d have, for ourselves and for our kids, that haven’t happened, and it’s been tough. We look at how our life should be, what we need to do, and how we steward the money that we do have. I think it’s been those hard numbers and when they first come in, it’s like, “Okay. Yeah, the numbers are in and now we have to look at it.” And it has been really helpful that way just to just kind of get a grip on things that we can’t ignore. I’ve had some good insights, some good reality checks. So thank you.

Dorothy F.