Getting back into account/rejoining

Hi–I let my subscription run out a couple of months ago. If I renew it, will it still be valid? In other words, is it going to be still linked to my bank accounts, or do I have to start afresh?


Hi @sandral18706,

As long as it hasn’t been more than 90 days since your cancelation took effect then your account should still be intact and you should be able to resume the connections to your accounts and update your same sheets. Depending on how long it had been since your last account refreshes there may be gaps in your data.

If it’s been more than 90 days your Tiller Money account and all data in our databases would have been automatically deleted. Any spreadsheets you created should still be accessible on your Google Drive though.

Here is more on what happens when you cancel (either voluntarily or accidentally due to your payment method not being valid).