Getting error when my AutoCat sheet has any regex rule

I’ve been using regex expressions in AutoCat for over a year now without any trouble. All of a sudden, today they started to break. Specifically, when I run AutoCat I get the error message “Regex filter can only execute on strings and numbers”. If I delete every regex from the AutoCat sheet, then AutoCat will run with out errors, but if I put in a single rule in the Description Regex column, I get that error again.

Ideas, anyone?


Well, after posting this, I went digging harder and found an entry where I had overwritten a value in the description column with a date. No idea how I did that. Anyway, it’s working again.

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There is some odd correlation between posting a question on the internet and finding the answer shortly after. I also often search for answers and find where I had previously answered the same question! There should be a name for these phenomena… :laughing:

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