Getting "specific" in categories

This is a silly and super-newbie question but may have broader benefits depending on the answer: we shop at REI a lot so I created an AutoCat for REI as “clothing”. Unfortunately, the letters “rei” are in a LOT of descriptions, like “reinvestment” and “freight”. How can I keep other transactions as being categorized as “clothing” when they have the letters “rei” in their description?


Have you looked into using the “Advanced Rule Builder” within the Autocat tool. You should be able to achieve this pretty easily.

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I think you’d need to create a “Description Equals” column (as opposed to the “Description Contains” column) or you could use a “Description Regex” column to get super detailed. Here’s some info about using AutoCat: AutoCat for Google Sheets | Tiller Help Center ( (same page @MarcC posted, but I think other parts of the post may be necessary for this).