Getting started again after 2 strokes

Hi All;
Answer prob here somewhere. Everthing stopped in Oct 2021 for me with my second right cerebral stroke. I need to get started again, even though income is now severely changed, I have been having problmes keeping track of my medicare, additional plan payments, taxes everthing… I need to clear my spreadsheet. My wife and I think that envelope bdgeting is the way to go…

Thanks Guy

Tiller is only going to grab the last 90 days of transactions that you missed, which is going to leave a large gap. Unless you feel like adding all those transactions via csv exports from your accounts (assuming all of your accounts offer that option), you’re probably best to start fresh. In either case, give the Savings Budget template a try to have something similar to envelope budgeting.

Hi jpfieber,
I have indeed started again. I will start watching the videos… strokes are horrible.

So sorry :disappointed: to hear about your stroke! Have you heard about TPA? Did you have it? Where are you in the USA?

God bless you!

Thank you. Yes I have had TPA in hospital when I the second stroke (right cerebral). I am also on a blood thinner for the rest of my life ($$$). I live in Bealeton, VA. and am on disability. I had to leave UVA last april after 20+ years at the University.
I can talk more about this. But not here… email is ok.