Getting Started & Choosing a Template

Hi y’all,

New to Tiller. I know there is documentation that touches on this subject, but I’m curious if there is a comprehensive list of all the different template options? I think the default template will be sufficient but I also want to understand exactly what my options are at the moment before I do a bunch of work filling out one template only to realize there is another one that exists and is a better option for me and my current needs. Any links or personal experiences are much appreciated. Cheers!


:wave:, @keenan.burkepitts!

Great question. Up until yesterday we offered about 10 different template options on the Tiller Console. Today we are shifting to one official template from Tiller (the Foundation Template), and transitioned the other templates to Tiller Labs. This allows us to experiment and iterate quickly, but also means they’re built a little less rigorously than our core products.

Once you’ve gotten started in the Foundation template, you can add most other solutions (Net Worth, Trackers, Debt Progress) via the Tiller Labs add-on. The add-on allows us to take a modular approach and have better version management with those solutions.

There are a few solutions that are not available via the Labs add-on at this time. The Tiller Budget for rollover (i.e. zero sum, envelope), the Simple Business, and Estimated Tax solutions are still delivered via the Tiller add-on for the time being. If you’d like to use any of these, I’d hold off until later in the day today or tomorrow (the transition is still in progress).

Learn more here:

Thanks Heather!! I’ll continue to play around with the Foundation Template and then start experimenting with other templates I would like to try at a later date.

@heather Are y’all planning to make a definitive walkthrough video for the Foundation Template? I know there already is some great documentation written up about it but it would still be useful to have a video walkthrough. Does one already exist that I’m not aware of?

@keenan.burkepitts, yes! We hope to have that video up by the end of next week. Thanks for asking.


What is the proper way to add templates from Tiller Labs into Foundation template? I am under the impression that this is possible but when I look at the documentation for the net worth tracker and the debt progress template, they include other sheets that weren’t included when I added those two templates to my foundation template.

Can you let me know specifically what you mean here?

Basically, if you open the Tiller Labs add-on, you can add anything that isn’t listed as “Incompatible” in the add-on’s sidebar to the Foundation template. Debt Progress and Net Worth are compatible with the Foundation template so just want to make sure I’m understanding what you mean there.

For example, this documentation refers to the following tabs: accounts, balance history, trends, etc

When I added the net worth & debt progress templates, it added those two specific tabs, but the accounts tab was not included in the implementation.

I also installed the budget tracker template but that is a separate workbook because its incompatible with the foundation template.


Also the Debt Progress documentation refers to accounts sheet v2 as a dependency? Debt Progress Template Comprehensive Guide

I see now. That help doc is out of sync with the way the templates work. I’m actively working on updating those help docs to point to new docs on the Community here since this is where they are supported now :slight_smile:

Here is the appropriate doc:

The Net Worth Tracker template is now a single sheet. The chart and trends were merged.

Hope that helps.


Oh ok thanks for the clarification! I guess my only confusion still is that I don’t have an accounts tab in my foundation template. Was this supposed to be created automatically when I added the net worth & debt progress templates?

Nevermind! Just realized that tab was hidden… Should be all set. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: