Getting Started & Choosing a Template

:wave:, @keenan.burkepitts!

Great question. Up until yesterday we offered about 10 different template options on the Tiller Console. Today we are shifting to one official template from Tiller (the Foundation Template), and transitioned the other templates to Tiller Labs. This allows us to experiment and iterate quickly, but also means they’re built a little less rigorously than our core products.

Once you’ve gotten started in the Foundation template, you can add most other solutions (Net Worth, Trackers, Debt Progress) via the Tiller Labs add-on. The add-on allows us to take a modular approach and have better version management with those solutions.

There are a few solutions that are not available via the Labs add-on at this time. The Tiller Budget for rollover (i.e. zero sum, envelope), the Simple Business, and Estimated Tax solutions are still delivered via the Tiller add-on for the time being. If you’d like to use any of these, I’d hold off until later in the day today or tomorrow (the transition is still in progress).

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