Google login when launching Tiller Money Feeds

I have been using Tiller for almost two years and am very satisfied with the product. That said, lately when launching the sheet and then opening the Tiller Money Feeds add on panel, I am being asked to login to Tiller again. Often I am coming from the console or I am loading from Google Sheets - both of which I have already “logged in.” I am confused why this seems to have started happening in the last few weeks as it adds some unnecessary steps and clicks.

Any one else experiencing this? I am not aware of any browser setting changes or other internal aspects that would maybe impact this process.

@hneely, thanks for letting us know. We did change some configuration settings with our auth provider in the last couple weeks, and updated the add-on to use a newer code engine from Google. I think the auth provider changes probably triggered an initial log out requiring you to log back in, then the other change might have reset things again.

Can you keep an eye on this and let me know if you’re being asked to log in to the add-on every time you launch it?

If so, please follow up with answers to these questions so we can better understand how these changes have impacted customers.

  1. How often to you launch the add-on (e.g every day)?
  2. What browser do you use?
  3. How many users are signed in to the browser? (click your profile picture in the top right when signed in to Gmail to see how many users are signed in).
  4. Do you completely quit the browser in between session?


Thanks Heather! I have been keeping an eye on it and you are correct it may have only been last couple of weeks that this occurred. To answer your questions:

  1. I generally enter the console every morning and then access my sheet where I launch the add-on as soon as I enter the site.
  2. I use Edge 99% of the time; Chrome very rarely
  3. I am the only user signed into the browser and only user on this computer
  4. Sometimes I close/quit the browser but not every time. I cannot say for sure the percent split but the request to login has happened every time I have gone into sheet…probably 8-9 times out of the last 14 days.

Heather, I’ve been having the same thing for about a week. When I log into my google spreadsheet and try to launch the add on, I’m now consistently asked to login to Google. I typically load the spreadsheet on my iPhone using the ‘Browser’ app in desktop mode. Since the change, this no longer works, because the app won’t redirect correctly to the login page.

Weirdly, this has also occurred at the same time that my account balances and transactions have stopped automatically feeding into my spreadsheet. I see on my account that they were updated, but the data hasn’t automatically transferred over to the spreadsheet.

@Dataphile, the log out would turn off the Auto Fill so you’d need to turn that back on under Settings in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. You’ll also want to click “Fill sheets” in the add-on to get the data that hasn’t been filled via the AutoFill.

Thanks for the details @hneely. We adjusted a couple settings to see if this will reduce the sign in frequency again. The log in probably won’t have as long of a shelf life as it previously did, but hopefully it won’t require you to sign in every time.

It’s odd because I’m not experiencing this with my personal account or any of my test accounts even after exiting Chrome. But I only use Chrome. I wonder if the browser has something to do with it.

Thanks for the quick help. Yes, I see now that it was turned off.

This happened to me twice now. Once a few weeks ago and again this past weekend. In both cases, I was logged out of the Tiller Money Feeds Add-on and had to re-enable auto-fill to make sure my spreadsheet was populated correctly. Took me a few days to notice that no new transactions were being added.

@heather In response to your questions you asked hneely:

  1. I maybe launch it once a week. I normally rely on auto-fill.
  2. Combination of Chrome and Safari (75-25 split). But have noticed it was logged out when using Chrome.
  3. 3 profiles signed in.
  4. Not every time no, but I have quit the browser between seeing the issue come up again.

This just happened to me again over the weekend. Curious if anyone else is seeing this issue as well.

Thanks for the update and details @ajladue!

We made some changes to how the authentication works so that after 7 days of inactivity you’d automatically be signed out, but we though that the Auto Fill setting would prevent the “inactivity” since that process is triggered by your authenticated Google user.

Best practice right now is to make sure you at least launch the Tiller Money Feeds add-on at least once a week to prevent auto fill from getting toggled off automatically.

Are there any plans to improve this behavior? It’s become relatively inconvenient to have to remember to open the Tiller Money Feeds add-on at least once a week to prevent auto fill from getting toggled off. I don’t often need to open the add-on when I’m just coming into the spreadsheet to browse transactions.

hi @ajladue, we don’t have any plans to modify this behavior right now. Honestly, the recommended workflow is to click “Fill sheets” in the sidebar to get your transactions in the sheet rather than relying on Auto Fill, as it is unreliable due to this requirement, as you know :slight_smile: then you’d have a reason to launch the add-on.