Google sheet access for authorized user is problematic

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My wife and I share a Tiller account. I am the “owner” and she has accepted my invitation to have editor-level access to our account and Google sheet.

She can make changes manually to data in cells on the Transactions sheet and, I think, on the Transactions sheet. When she tries to use

Extensions/Tiller Money Feeds/AutoCat
Extensions/Tiller Money Feeds/AutoCat,

she gets a window asking her to sign in. A warning says “Your user was logged out of Tiller. Please log back in if you would like to continue to use Tiller.”
But she’s already signed in!
Just to be sure, she signs in again. She gets “You’re signed in!” and “Welcome!” So it does sign her in, apparently.

Buuuuut… Despite being verified as being signed in, the same things happen as before.

I’ve double-checked; she is definitely listed as an authorized sharer/user of this Google sheet.
We followed the steps suggested by the Tiller chat bot; it wasn’t successful. She still gets the prompt to “Sign in” or “You don’t have a tiller account”.

How do we fix this situation? Google sheets shows that she’s an authorized user at the editor level. Tiller allows her to sign in. So where’s the loophole?

Thank you.

If she owns the sheet, she can make edits to the sheet itself but she doesn’t have access to the Tiller Money Feeds Extensions unless she logs in with the email that the Tiller subscription is under. The sharing/owning permissions is just at the spreadsheet level, not at the Tiller subscription level.

There can only be one email associated with a Tiller subscription, and only the Tiller subscription can access/use the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. How to Set Up Tiller When You Share Expenses | Tiller Help Center

Does this help?

We will try that out. Thank you.

Another thing I will sometimes do when I have a couple that wants to share their Tiller account more easily is to suggest they use a shared Google account as their Tiller log in account. Some couples already have an account they use for this purpose, but others create a new one. This way they both have access to the username and password on the shared account, rather than having to log in as one or the other.