Google Sheet, Is it possible to create a different google sheet just for budget analysis

I’d like to keep organize the budgeting and transactions in one sheet while maintain a second google sheet for analysis of the data such as net worth tracking, etc.

Is this possible? or does it all have to stay in one google sheet?


Yes this is very possible with Tiller you can have up to 5 sheets linked to your tiller account and can select which accounts feed into which sheets independently of each other so if some retirement or investment accounts aren’t needed in your budgeting sheet then you can omit them and vice versa for the net worth sheet.

A potential downside is either having to categorize transactions twice, (without getting crazy with something like a importrange function or a lookup to match the categorization already occurring in the budget sheet) but if it’s solely for net worth then you don’t really have to categorize transactions honestly, because you’re just looking at the balances.

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