Google Sheets Unbearably Slow


I have what I consider a fairly simple budget, and I’ve been using Tiller for over a year. I really enjoy Tiller. Lately it has become unbearably slow, often taking 10+ minutes to allow me to pull up the side bar, and then it freezes when updating transactions… Is anyone else having this issue?

Yikes! no. I’m on Chromebox and just tested. Closed all Tiller tabs, opened spreadsheet, pulled up side bar and it took less than 5 seconds. You need an os or browser update maybe?

Do you have many ‘solutions’ installed besides the ones that came with the Foundation template (something like “Budget Plan”)? Sometimes these can slow things down, though despite having lots of stuff going on in my setup, I’ve never had it as bad as you are describing. Does it behave the same on another computer?

As @susandennis suggested, I would first check that your browser isnt requiring an update. I know Chrome runs poorly on purpose when an update is required. after the update things typically work better.

I am having this exact same issue, came here looking to see if anyone else was looking for solutions. I have tried many many different things. Updating my system and browser, changing browsers, clearing my cache, logging out and logging back in. Would really love to be able to get this fixed. It’s been an issue for at least the last week (last weekend I just figured something was in the air). I’ve been trying to add an account now for at least 5 minutes and it’s just spinning. Help!

Thank you all. I tried it in Chrome and it’s normal speed. I use Safari on my M1 Macbook (Ventura), and Tiller dies in it… Anyone know what may be the solution to still using Safari?

Safari users are currently experiencing an issue with Google Sheets loading slowly or not at all. Since this is an issue between Safari and Google it’s not something we’re able to fix. You can access your Google Sheet using another browser, and we recommend Google Chrome.