Great Bank Recommendation That Works Well with Tiller

Our longtime family bank, Inspirus, was recently merged into Gesa Credit Union. Gesa has been fine until compatibility with Tiller/Yodlee broke in early April. I had hoped they’d sort things out.

After waiting a few months, I contacted Gesa customer support and explained that the feeds from Yodlee had broken and I could no longer use my chosen personal finance solution, Tiller Money. They lamely recommended changing my personal finance solution… but I plan to change banks instead.

So I’m looking for your recommendations.

Here are my criteria:

  • Works great with Tiller
  • Non predatory & customer focused (credit union preferred)
  • Free online banking
  • Free, local ATM access
  • Hopefully has implemented the Open Banking Initiative
  • Ideally has a physical branch in Seattle
  • Ideally has solutions for family banking with the teenagers

Let me know if you have an option you love.

P.S. I have had a business account for some time with local Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU). I’ve been pretty happy with them and their institution has worked well with Tiller. I’m leaning toward them but thought I’d ask if there are better choices.

@randy Check out Alliant, especially their 2.5% cashback credit card. I am really impressed with them. They get it. Please let me know what you think. Blake

Thanks for the tip, @Blake. Will give Alliant a look.

I’d recommend Ally Bank. I use Ally and a local credit union. I’ll shortly be dumping the local credit union for the exact same reason you’re changing banks, and I plan on solely using Ally. I’ve had no problems with them. The only incident I had was an incorrect overdraft charge, but a relatively quick call to their support resolved that.

We actually already use Ally for a different purpose, @hawkwing. And, @blake, we did some research on Alliant and it definitely sounded great but we ended up going with BECU since they’re local and have branches and ATMs near us.


As I mentioned in the original post, I’ve used them for years for my consulting business and their feeds have been solid.

I’m pretty excited to shut down Gesa now that everything is up and running and get past this unsightly mess in my sidebar.


Thanks, @hawkwing & @blake, for your help and input.

I’m in a similar situation but slightly different. I’ve been with Wells Fargo for quite some time and found their tech to be severely lacking compared to what I see from other banks/credit card companies. I also dislike some of their practices.

I’m looking for a new bank to go with as well with similar criteria that you have but additional ones like:

  1. National reach - I will have several out of state dealings both personal/business so having location flexibility on ATMs and ease of doing business between states is key.
  2. Broad set of offerings - I generally prefer to have most of my eggs in one basket when it comes to financial institutions given the leverage you get with reduced fees and better customer service. Looking for a bank that still does Personal Loans/Mortgages/HELOC, etc.
  3. Business Services - Will need to start leveraging more of these needs.

I’ve been considering Chase as the #1 choice followed by Capital One (albeit the latter has fewer Seattle/Bellevue presence). Anyone recommendations by the community or horror stories dealing with these banks?


I have dealt with both Chase and Capital One on Tiller (although not for business only personal). Even with the recent fix to Capital One on Tiller, I think, looking at your criteria, Chase if probably a better match. I have found their (online) customer service VERY easy to deal with. Their web presence is robust and total. And, yep, in Seattle, they still have physical doors you can walk through! And they are a perfect Tiller companion.

Thanks Susan! I’ve also heard that they have the best credit card options around as well.