Group \ Category Expense Report

I would like to see a report that lists expenses by group and then category. Ideally, it would have “drill down” capability: 1) First level would be expenses presented by Group 2) the second level would be expenses summarized by Category 3) the third level would be the actual expense transactions.

Is there anything similar to that available or planned?



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This sounds like something that could be accomplished quickly with a Pivot table in Excel, Pivot tables are great for summarizing to various levels and drilling into details.

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I would need this before I could move to Tiller as I want to be able to generate a report at year-end of all my expenses but want it grouped by Master Category (Group) and then sub categories there after. Does Excel not have the same Report Add-On Tool that’s available in Google Sheets version of Tiller?

Hi @MoMoney99 no, not at this time. We’re working on offering the same features and tools over in Excel.

Like @timdan said, this is a basic capability of Excel. No special add-ons or reports are needed.