Haven't downloaded all year, missing months

I haven’t downloaded all year. Reconnected my accounts and was able to download Jan1-Jan16, then July 31-present.
How do I get the missing Jan 17-July30 txns?

Sometimes the banks only offer the past 90-180 days. Tiller will download in the background daily (even if you aren’t using your sheet), but, if you auth token times out, you may lose transactions if you wait so long to restore connectivity that it exceeds the bank’s buffer.

If you bank offers CSV downloads through the missing window, you may be able to restore the transactions manually. There are a few CSV workflows kicking around in the community and in the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on that can help.

Thanks for this Randy.
Coming back to report in case others are in this position.
I did need to download CSVs from bank websites. Your bank CSV is NOT importable straight away.
For anybody reading, you then need rearrange columns to get the columns to match the “Basic Bank Import Template” CSV importer spreadsheet in community solutions.
I then pasted my downloaded transactions into the “Basic Bank Importer Template”, and then saved that as a CSV.
I could then import THAT CSV via Extensions/Community Solutions/Tools/“import CSV line items”

A couple extra steps, but not hard. I’m almost caught up. Looking forward to actually getting some insights from the data.