Haven't used Tiller since summer 2020. Looking to begin tracking my income and expenses in a simple way. Any new templates?

Hi Tiller Community. It’s been awhile. I was a pretty heavy user in 2019/2020 but, as with anything very manual, I decided to not spend so much time categorizing and live my life beyond the computer screen. I’m deciding to get back in the game and track my income and expenses but would like to do so in a simplified way. I think I had too many tabs in my previous template—plain and simple. Ideally, I could use a template for Jan-Dec each year and catalog it once the year concludes, starting with a fresh template in Jan each year. Are there any new features or templates worth checking out?

Welcome back, @hbwilliams22! We missed you.

It’s important to find the right balance in your spreadsheet. Add to many bells and whistles and it can become slow and overwhelming.

As for starting anew, I recommend you either:

  1. Strip down your old spreadsheet and remove the chaff to make it lean and performant.
  2. Create a new spreadsheet— possibly even from a minimalist empty sheet— and allow it to fill with all your old data (presuming you kept your subscription active :wink:) and then use the Migration Helper workflow to pull in your categorizations from the old spreadsheet.

As for new stuff, @Edward just published a new template gallery of all the Tiller Community (formerly Tiller Labs) templates. They are all available from within the Tiller Community Solutions add-on (formerly Tiller Labs add-on).

Good luck!

Thanks for your reply, Randy. re: “remove the chaff”, what does this mean?

Trim the fat.

Just get rid of the stuff you don’t need to make it leaner and meaner.