Having to revalidate Venmo everyday?

Anyone else having an issue where Venmo has to revalidate credentials everyday? Any ideas on how to fix this?

Yes, and I think that’s either a Venmo issue or a Yodlee issue. I don’t think there’s anything that Tiller can do about it other than to ask Yodlee if it’s their issue or Venmo’s issue.

Venmo is just awful, waiting for open banking protocols to get implemented for them. I never get a daily refresh and just force a refresh when I know I’ve used them, which is pretty rare. And the manual refresh for Venmo is just so so slow. Not my favorite.

And now, Paypal, who own Venmo, has been in the trouble list for nearly three weeks and I just noticed the resolution date has been pushed out again.
Time for manual entry I suppose.
Or ditch PayPal and Venmo.

Are you having to revalidate credentials or just provide MFA?

Frequent re-authentication or manually refreshing is expected behavior for some institutions. Usually this is due to the bank’s required security settings or agreement with our data provider so there isn’t a way to automatically refresh those accounts.

Some reasons your institution(s) might require manual refreshes:

  • Your bank is enforcing multi-factor (MFA) or two-factor (2FA) authentication
  • Auto refresh has been disabled for the institution by the bank or our data provider. This setting can change over time based on factors like the bank’s security requirements or refresh health of the institution, but is not something we can change. If it has recently been disabled there is a good chance it will get re-enabled in the future.

At least you can get transactions out of it, I can’t fetch anything for more than 2 months from it

There are downsides to both, but, if you are frustrated with the Yodlee implementation, you can try the Venmo implementation in the Import CSV Line Items workflow.