Heads Up! Message when editing Transactions sheet

Every time I edit something I get a message that says “Heads Up! You are trying to edit part of the sheet that shouldn’t be changed” even when just filtering data in transactions. How do I get rid of this?

hi @alkrongold,

This is a protected range on row 1 in the Transactions, Balance History, and Categories sheet.

It’s intended to prevent you from making accidental edits to row 1, which can break the feeds (e.g. if you accidentally remove or overwrite the word “Description” in the Transactions sheet your transaction data will fill with blank Descriptions.

You can remove it via the Data menu > Protected Ranges and click the trash can icon next to the protected range in the sidebar that will appear.

Hope that helps!


Great, thank you! That worked.

The lack of flexibility there is a limitation (I would say “bug”) of GoogleSheets, not Tiller. Google ought to have the good sense to have a “Header Row” function for protected ranges filtering. If you do data/sort sheet, your header row is not included in the sort. The same should apply to filtering.

And a longer option for turning off the “Heads Up” would be helpful. :slightly_smiling_face: