Healthcare Speadsheet

Hello Tiller Community,

I am interested in developing a spreadsheet for healthcare. More specifically, I would like the spreadsheet to focus on clinicians who run a private practice. Potential ideas include patient payment tracking, insurance claim tracking, invoicing, and superbill creation. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

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Hi Edward,
I set up a spreadsheet recently that does exactly this. My wife started a physical therapy practice late last year and I found it quite difficult to integrate everything into one trackable location automatically.

We use Stripe for billing and private pay invoicing, Navinet for insurance, but also need to track things like prescription active dates, number of allowed visits (and remaining visits). In addition, we use it to track and compare private pay billing vs insurance-based, diagnoses treated, success rates, etc. that will allow her to make decisions about what diagnoses to focus on as her practice grows.

Ultimately we opted for Google Sheets so we can both edit simultaneously and we can easily integrate Stripe with Sheets. My next step is to determine a way to connect Navinet to Sheets (or something else). As far as I can tell, Navinet doesn’t integrate with anything so I am going to find a way to automate as much as possible.

Feel free to reach out if you’d like some help or ideas getting set up.

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Hi Dave,

Thank you for your reply. It is fascinating to hear how you are integrating these different platforms. I am looking to create similar healthcare workflows, specific to the mental health field. Are you able to use Stripe for card on file payments and auto receipts? I have seen Stripe work within an EMR, where it will connect to the calendar and run patients automatically, based on their appointment attendance. There are a lot of different use cases depending on the provider’s field of work and if they take insurance.

Feel free to email at I am interested in hiring someone to build out something similar for my EMR within G Suite.

I look forward to connecting.


Hi Edward! I love this idea and was thinking of doing something similar for the coaches I currently work with. Did you ever find someone to help you? If you want you can email me