Help/Advice on LOTS of confusing TD Ameritrade transactions

Please see my attachment. TD Ameritrade shows tons of transactions:

  • many are for zero…should I just delete these?
  • should I mark some of these as “transfer”?

Well…all in all, I have no clue how I should categorize these! Thanks for any advice!

Hi @brianvotoole,

Do you know what these transactions represent? E.g. they’re not making it into your sheet and are inaccurate but rather you’re just not sure how to categorize?

If they’re investment related it just depends on how/if you want to track them. Otherwise the simplest option is to use a Transfer.

Here is some other discussion that may help.


Similar situation here. Most of my money is with TDA under management by my fiduciary, which means as he’s making trades, buying new positions with dividends, etc… I get tons of transactions. They’re really all just transfers. It’s all still my money, it’s just moving around. All I really need to know is the current balance of my individual account, Roth, tradition IRA, etc…